View Full Version : A bit of additional info on Episode 2

05-17-2002, 10:24 PM
Hey people,
I was just reading Children of the jedi (book based after starwars written in 1995) has a nice little reference to episode 2 (written in 2000) on top of page 55 till the top of page 57. It describes a storm trooper left on a planet, he's about 50 years old and dark skin..... the armour that is described is actually very similar to episode 2 stormtrooper armour....
Anyway i've only read up to there so far so others who have read the book will know if there are other references.
thought that might bring up a nice little point, does George base his stories partially on the books or does he write a totally different story? its probably a mix of both i guess.

Anyway thats my bit of nice info this morning.