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05-17-2002, 11:45 PM
Whore-a. anbody who uses a move more than once in thier lifetime. b. Anybody who uses a KO attack even once in thier lifetime. Example- You gripped that guy over the ledge once, you are a grip WhOrE!!!A GhEy GrIp WhOrE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody agree with me?

Gar Suul Von
05-17-2002, 11:50 PM
not really... i hate all the whores, but to truly be a whore...
you must use a move over and over because you suck w/o it.
..........with that said, we have our throw whores,
we have our ass fighters...
we need a new name for those idiots that run around and do nothing but kick. kick whore doesn't seem good enough for me.

05-17-2002, 11:52 PM
Hey! Darth Maul whored kick...why cant I?

Gar Suul Von
05-17-2002, 11:56 PM
that wasn't his only move... that's my whole point!

05-18-2002, 12:44 AM
I agree with you to some extent, but it really depends on the person who you are talking to.

05-18-2002, 12:46 AM
BTW I was being sarcastic...

05-18-2002, 03:37 AM
sad thing is that sarcastic or not its true for a good number of the people here.

05-18-2002, 03:50 AM
Bye bye thread.... bye bye.....