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05-18-2002, 04:48 PM
*** potential spoilers, you have been warned ***

I am fresh back from the theater and am writing down my opinions imediatly before they dull with time, this is the first time I have seen the movie.

This film has reafirmed my faith in the wisdom of mr Lucas, I can't belive that I ever doubted him, it would appear that the criticism from Ep.1 has done him well as this movie is much better and corrects or avaoids making the same mistakes again.

In my opinion it is the third greatest of the set of films, "The Empire Strikes Back" being the best and "A New Hope" second place.

I was one of the people that loved Ep.1 even with jar jar, but as I watched it more and more on DVD jar jar became like a thorn in my brain, hurting me and burying in deeper each time I see him. I knew he would be in this movie and as soon as he appeared I felt that splinter plunge deep inside my mind, bringing back the pain that we fans should never have been put through.

But with his small part over I could relax and get into the flow of the movie and it surpassed even my high expectations, The fights where excelent, the chases where the best, the space battles where unique (sonic detonators, wow you really need to be in the theater to hear it, the way the sound pauses and then boom! you could feel it!) the plot was twisting and turning at a frenetic rate, I will be making many return visits to the cinema to absorb all of the wholesome jedi goodness that flows out from this great movie.

I had read some spoilers before seeing the movie and knew that yoda would be doing some sabre fighting but "HOT DAMN" that was jedi fighting to the extream, I had this stupid grin on my face and everyone in the audiance was laughting and clapping, YODA is the master, I can't wait for DVD so I can loop play that scene again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and then some more, how they managed to get a hand puppet to do all that is beyond me :D

R2 and C3P0 are back in full effect now that jar jar isn't hogging the lime light and the jokers are back up to old tricks, DID I REALLY SEE R2 FLY! :D

Some forghts and criticisms that remain with me are :

1) Jango is one bad ass mofo, so why is he hireing an assassin to kill padme, why doesn't he just go do it himself, isn't that what bounty hunters do?

2) Just like darth maul, Lucas is killing great bad guys that could have so much potential, I'd have liked jango to have more screen time, and if he really really had to die in this movie then give him a bit more credit than mace just stroling up and one swing despatching him. (he died way too easily)

3) There is a frightening number of occurances where the jedi don't sence other jedi around them at times in the movie where it would be inconvenient to plot if they did, even when it is established that jedi have very good senceing capabilities (the giant assassin centapeeds for instance)

focusing on dookoo (in this instance, but you see instances in the other jedi character if you look for them)

> dookoo didn't know mace was near untill he presented himself.
> dookoo didn't know obi-one was spying on him when in his discussion with the aliens
> dookoo didn't feel yoda's presence when he was near for the final battle.
> dookoo couldn't sence a squad of jedi knights before they jump into the stadium and start waving at him saying "Hey count dookoo! Here we are! Look at us!"
(what is the correct term for a large gathering of jedi? squad sounds wrong)
>etc. etc.

4) when Padme and Ani are on the droid construction converyor in mortal peril with aliens and machinery all over the place intent on causing them harm why, when during the action does the movie keep cutting back to R2 and C3P0? They work well later in the movie but here arn't they just detracting from the fast flow of the scene, I know Padme and Ani arn't going to get hurt but I was pulled into the scene, the suspence was getting to me, but the cut backs to the droids where ruining the effect for me on that one, and it got so confsing that I just couldn't follow the action, anyone else feel the same?

The Rocket Man
05-18-2002, 05:13 PM
I agree with you a lot, except where you say count Dooku didn't sense Obi-Wan when he was spying on the meeting. Maybe he did, 'cos Obi WAS captured after that...

The biggest criticism (sp?) I have is with the romance. It is just TOO much. But then the romance is not really what this movie was about, it was more about Anakins downfall (which I thought was nicely done) and off course huge battles!

Yes, George HAS redeemed himself, and this movie was very Star Warsy in feel, something TPM lacked...