View Full Version : Is it just me, or did Lucas just redo Episodes I, IV, V, and VI, and put it in this?

05-18-2002, 08:45 PM
This is not a hate topic. Episode II is THE best one (even though I didn't see it yet, but I do love spoilers. I have the novel, if you must know...and the soundtrack). I saw tons of redo in this. Like Obi Wan using a mindtrick in a cantina. Obi Wan slicing an arm off in a cantina. Dooku saying "Join me, and TOGETHER we can DESTROY the Sith" to Obi Wan, as Vader "Join me, and together we can destroy the Emperor, as father and son" was to Luke. Oh, and the asteroid chase wasn't exactly like from Episode V, but it resembled it sorta. Now if the Slave I launched mini ships that fly horribly and crash into every single asteroid out there, then you'd get the Episode V scene :tie::D Jango Fett hit his head on the Slave I, like the stormtrooper did in the control room's door in Episode IV. The major character loses a limb by fighting with anger. Anything else?

Anyway, diff subject. Yoda, lose that cane boy! You showed you don't need it. Is that some poor excuse to attract females who love CG characters? LOSE THAT :swear:ing CANE AND DO SOME MORE KICK:swear: FIGHTING! WOOOO

I am so :bored: waiting to see Episode II in theaters. I AM GOING TO SEE IT SOON OR I WILL CRACK. Hell, if I don't see it, I'm gonna explode. Oh, crap. I feel a tingly feeling. :explode:. Hmm, this should end my long post.

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05-18-2002, 08:55 PM

while im not a total starwars freak

but i have got the original set and ep1 dvd...

and (i think) in ep1 dvd extras george clearly states that 'he will make all the main characters follow the same path'

i.e the same/similar things will occur to son/daughter etc

at first i wasnt too keen on the idea, but have since grown into it :-)