View Full Version : Ultimate guide to jk2 gaming

05-18-2002, 11:05 PM
well, with all this comotion about freezing I am just as pissed of as all of you are. After hours the whole day infact I got my jk2 wich is a ware to actually work. Before it went to the white creen and stayed there. I simply reinstalled xp and fromatted my harddrive. Enough about me help you guys, and my self. Afte all that I come up with a nother smaller problem contant freezing?stalling. It seems like lag to me but that not really likely with my spiffy dsl. I usually get around 40 ping in other game servers like counter-strike. But no its freezing. Installed the latest drivers for my geforce 2 64 mb and to no avail it glitches so I got back to the one on my dell boot disk and voila it works again but still with the freezing. Can somone put a guide right in this thread on the perfect specs from resoluotion I prefer 1024x768 to everything else for NVIDIA cards please asap thanks in advance.