View Full Version : local server connection ping

05-19-2002, 04:20 AM
I usually host JO for my friends, most of which have broadband, but even though their pings are around 100, they always bitch about me beating them with my 0 ping :) I want to show them its not just the ping that I'm winning with.

Is there a way to set a minimum local ping or something like that? All I'm wanting to do it is simulate a higher ping for myself to level the playing field.

05-19-2002, 04:34 AM
I am not sure if you can set your local ping differently. Tell your friends that ping is a small advantage but does not sway the balance of power if the difference is only 100-150 ping.

Would your friends be complaining if you had a 100 ping and they a 200 ping? Same issue.

At any rate, an easy solution would be to find another server that no one is playing on and everyone has an even ping. This will settle the matter of it being "only ping".

05-20-2002, 02:50 PM
Try setting the priority "above normal" for the JK2 Ded server.
I did this and it set peoples pings back to their normal average.