View Full Version : Serious gameplay issue (not whining, Raven pls consider)

05-19-2002, 05:00 AM
Hi I'm just bringing this up because I've not seen any mention of it so far. (tho I might have missed a thread)

Saber defense appears to be a passive skill that is always active, whether your lightsaber is drawn or not. What this means is that in FFA, against an opponent holding a gun, each slash with medium will deliver 30 dmg if it connects. By comparision, in Jedi Master mode the same slash will either be a killing blow or will leave your opponent with less than 20 health.

Now I think the increased blocking in the new patch is good because parries and such are much more effective now, but for someone holding a gun to be able to resist a lightsaber just makes very littles sense. Also it makes lightsaber-only combat on a FFA server much less practical than it should be.

What i propose is that perhaps in the next patch, Saber Defense should be a skill which, like Saber Offense, is only active when the player is holding a lit lightsaber. Should do wonders for FFA gameplay.

I don't know if Raven is in the habit of posting acknowledgement when they read these things, but err.. if you do please reply and let me know I've been heard. :p

Thanks for the great game, btw. :D