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Saesee Tom
08-08-2000, 09:06 AM
Jedi Knight...Dark Forces II

The Empire is not quite destroyed and the Rebellion is still in chaos, but Kyle Katarn has more personal matters to deal with. Before he can do anything to help, he must acquire his dead father’s lightsaber and learn the ways of the Force to confront an even darker enemy; The Dark Jedi.

It’s here. The long awaited sequel to the best selling game Dark Forces is out and with reviews skyrocketing through the roofs of every game retailer in the world, Jedi Knight could well be the most complex, durable game ever. Of course only for a short period of time because as time ticks away, more and more games are created each year and Dark Forces III could may be among them. But Jedi Knight has it all for the moment. Gorgeous graphics and character moves keeps the Rebel Alliance’s most advanced stealth fighter, Kyle Katarn, on his toes throughout the entire game. The levels are beautifully detailed and constructed with the real patented Star Wars feel, and underwater and explosion effects are better than ever. The rendering is more simple, giving you the ability to coast through the game without hitting any bumps or slow-motion hitches in the game that occur in other 3D applications. Jedi Knight has a well-devised Jedi/Sith power table, so the more lives you save the more Force powers you get, and you remain a Light Jedi as a souvenir. Which narrows it down to one more outcome; the more innocent civilians you brutally murder, the more likely you will get the Dark Jedi ending and become an agent of evil.

Yes, you read the last part correctly, there are movies and different Force paths to follow.
But prepare to be surprised...the cutscenes are live action! But that isn’t necessarily a good thing, because game producers make games, not feature films that meet Star Wars expectations and LucasArts made that painfully clear. The scenes involved were pretty good, with a sparkling performance by Jason Court (Kyle) and Rafer Weigel (Yun). There was some good matting and special effect composting but the rest of the cast was a bit of a letdown, not to mention the tacky directing, so two thumbs up for the story, one thumb for the effects and one down for the bad action and acting.

Of course no game would be complete without the endless supply of enemies and mindlessly killable troopers, yes, Jedi Knight renders them in a most realistic and Star Wars-fashionable way. Shake hands with old foes including rodians, trandoshans, three-eyed grans and the unforgettable troopers of the Imperial Army. With a Multiplayer to top this all off, you get a good pack of characters and scenarios and the game is fortunately split onto two disks, which is handy if you want to play ‘Jedi Capture the Flag’ with your friend on two networked computers. Looking back at what this fine work of art has to offer, its mistakes are deeply covered in a shiny mass of good play with memories of the endlessly growing Star Wars galaxy. You’ll have to be a womp rat to miss this.

“Only a fully trained Jedi with the Force as his ally will conquer…” - Jedi Master Yoda


Saesee Tom
08-08-2000, 09:10 AM
I am also creating some enemy stats, for example;

Name: Stormtrooper
Health: 100-easy, 150-medium, 200-hard
Levels: 6,7,8,9,10.
Weapon: Rifle
Fire rate: 1 shot/2 sec 3 sec interval
Special abilities: none


Matt Kenobi
08-08-2000, 12:41 PM
sorry i haven't replyed, been in Michigan on vacation. i'll get it up and running ASAP and that's a good idea, i haven't worked on the site much, i've been playing Art of the lightsaber with mots on the zone


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Saesee Tom
08-08-2000, 05:12 PM
That's ok.