View Full Version : Mixed Feelings For A Starwars Fan.......

05-19-2002, 12:39 PM
Ive heard so much bad things about Episode 2, I just saw it last night and i gotta say its excellent. I think of the 1st half being informational which is interesting for us starwars fans, then 2nd half the awsome action, very awsome and good inroduction for the clone wars. I did wanted to slap anakin in the beginning for his attitude but at the end hes cool.

Im a little dissapointing, i was waiting for another sith apprentice and it turned out to be the old jedi. But his fight with yoda is funny. Why does yoda need a walking stick? Really.

Anyway, im sad a bit because this is the last film george lucas is making, its no more after that. I believe its gonna be even better than E2. Then itll be over and thats it to the starwars trilogy.

I bet if he was even 5 years younger, he would proabulary make episode 7, but if he did he would interfere with alot of novels.

So im happy with E2 and excited with E3, but mad how its the last film.