View Full Version : How many of you are getting "Unsupported Marker Type" errors?

05-19-2002, 07:34 PM
If you're getting these types of errors everytime you try to load saved games, are you also using a program called the Intel Application Accerlerator? This program is what was causing the errors on my system and prevented me from playing the SP game.

All the IAA is is a fancy term for bus mastering drivers. The IAA is supposed to increase performance of installed apps by decreasing the load times, but apparently there's a conflict with JK II. You are probably better off using the drivers installed by Win98/Me/XP anyway.

So, if you're experiencing these errors and you can't load saved games and are using either the IAA or the Intel IDE Drivers, try uninstalling them and revert back to the default drivers installed by the OS. Worked like a charm for me. :)