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05-19-2002, 09:00 PM
i know im just talking about a subject that has been beat to death and you all are allowed your opinions, but i think AOTC was awesome

in my OPINION spiderman was a bit better, but i could watch both movies over and over

the whole issue about the love scenes. It plays a big role in the star wars universe, i mean its the whole origin of luke and leia. The whole point was to get the idea that these 2 slowly revealed to each other that they had love for one another.
i think it will play a HUGE role in the finale turn to the dark side for Anikan

As for the acting in the movies that people constantly bash. I myself am an actor, not a theatrical one, but i am a good one at that and i thought that it was pretty good, anikan talking about how he killed the whole tuskin tribe was spine chilling. Really what do you guys want tom hank playing anikan and robbin williams playing obi wan?

i think the whole problem is that most of you dont know what you want out of the new star wars movies, ive seen alot of good well thought posts about the nagatives of AOTC, but ive also seen alot of horrible and 2 sec made up posts

IF lucas never decided to do the prequels youd be sitting at home wondering about what could have been. So he makes the prequels and you whine about anikan having blue eyes instead of purple or how obiwans beard was to thick for a jedi or why yoda had too many teeth for his species. Its a losing battle i know, the internet has granted the power of instant opinions to travel.

BTW i love how obi wan and anikan got owned, showed that they still have more to learn, and yoda busting out his duelist abilities was a dream come true

bash it or love it, were all star wars fans right?