View Full Version : What do you think about the "update"

05-20-2002, 01:31 PM
Hey people I have never posted a message on this forum but I have been asked to help research a question.

This update that they put out a while ago was intended to fix mistakes and to make the saber battles more interesting. Having played with it for a while some people are saying that it has weakened the multiplayer game.

Among the complaints:

Players are now prone to using saber throw in duels more often or exclusively. More and more average players are gaining advantage by avoiding direct attacks and opting for run and throw techniques. The only counter is to throw your saber as well and this makes the battles a frisbee war instead of a true duel.

Heavy (Red) stance once reserved for experienced players is now useless, against average players using Blue. Blue seems to be the only of the three stances that improved. Now it is the most diverse stance and delivers blows stronger than red or yellow when used correctly.

Players are running into crowds backwards and actually scoring well, so to increased use of defensive back strikes. Defensive back strikes are now almost the only effective way to deliver massive damage.

How is this making a more interesting duel?

Do you believe that this update is allowing weaker players to succeed by further protecting their all to easily exposed backs?

Do you see an over use of Saber throw in FFA Team FFA servers that allow private duels?

If you answer these questions I thank you in advance. These questions are for research, so please do not get angry with me if you disagree with the tone, simply tell me why you feel this patch is great.