View Full Version : Please help me swap sound files for vader model...

05-20-2002, 06:24 PM
Hi there guys,
Im having real hassle trying to understand how to edit player sounds in pk3 files.Can someone please point me in the right direction.
What im trying to do is swap a couple of taunt and victory sound files for Sithlord-II`s Vader model.(ive converted some wav`s into mp3..128bitrate...to overwright sithlords.But when i play sithlords original sounds,they appear to be 122 bitrate...does this matter?)

Ive read all the posts i can find concerning pk3 files and have tryed using both winzip and winrar(i find winrar easier to use).....but am obviously doing something very wrong.Here is one of the methods i have tryed.....

1. placed the vader.pk3 in my jk2 base folder,then unzipped the contents of vader.pk3 to...C:\unzipped

1a. entered the following folders....vader.zip>sound >chars>vader>misc> and overwrote the taunts i wanted to change.(by just changing the name of the new file to that of the old and placing in the misc folder)

1b. Then rezipped the vader.zip to vader.pk3 and placed in my jk2\base folder.

Needless to say that this didnt work,neither have the other slightly differant attempts i have tryed over the last 3 days.Most of the time sithlords vader dosent even show up in the player menu(ingame)...but the closest i think ive been was when the vader model worked in multi-player but his taunt was that of the reborn.(although he still had vader sounds when being hit or jumping)

Please can anybody help me?....if you could post clear procise instructions i would be most thankfull.(like i say,ive tryed to follow peeps instructions in other posts,but most of those were for changing player models not sounds.)..But please bare in mind that i am new to both winzip and winrar(infact im new to all things PC) :-)
If i can get this to work with the MP vader im gonna do the same with the SP-desann to vader file.(just for my own npc spawn fun)

Please help,this is driving me insane.