View Full Version : I am an ass-fighter, hear me roar!

05-20-2002, 07:02 PM
I'm tired of the bitching everyday. I'm also tired of the whining everyone does. I have decided that I am an ass-fighter. I dont understand whats bad about a 1 hit lightsaber kill, seriously I dont. I use the backstab move fairly often, but its not all I do.

If I'm being shot at by someone using the rocket launcher or heavy repeater, and I'm skilled enough to push away or dodge the attacks, and if I'm able to get close enough to push their lame ass on the ground, why shouldnt I be able to kill you with one swing? The way i see it, I deserve it. The gunner has the obvious advantage of being able to attack from a distance, where as a saber user like myself has to get close to you, very close.

I saw episode 2 this weekend, twice infact. The 2nd time around, the theater was empty except for myself and my friend. Everytime a jedi used a lightsaber and 1-hit killed someone (which was extremely often) we yelled, " cheater!" or "assfighter!" or "lame!". We even joking called yoda a blue stance spammer. In the movies, when someone is hit with a saber, one of three things happens. The saber is either blocked, or kills them, or injures them so badly they cant continue fighting. There is no exception to this rule, why should the game be any different? It shouldnt.

Last time i checked, if you have little or no armor, the rocket launcher WILL kill you with 1 shot. Funny how this has been overlooked. If the lightsaber's power is weakened anymore than it has, no one except saber-only servers will probably use them. I personally love killing gunners with the lightsaber or at least stealing all their weapons and forcing them to fight fairly, but they usually just run away to grab more guns. So they get the backstab :)

I hope someone replys back with some sort of intelligent response, but thats doubtful. Instead, I see many flames in my near future.

05-20-2002, 08:58 PM
Ass-fighting is when you run around backwards bumping your butt into people to do the backstab move, not pulling/pushing people down and then doing it....

So you really aren't an ass fighter, you are just using the only move that will actually hit someone that falls down, since overhead slashes seem to miss 80% of the time.

05-20-2002, 09:43 PM
S'funny really, but I can get an overhead slash to hit 80% of the time unless they're up and running around, and sometimes even then. I'd like to see the look on a medium or light stance user you comes in for a side slash as I hammer my red stance overhead right between their eyes. Pure joy.

And there's nothing wrong with using the sweep against people ganging up on you (fours kills in one blow? You'd be mad not to try it!), or on gunbunnies who would only run away if you didn't (or hit you with another gun...stupid flechette guns grumble grumble :> )