View Full Version : "No more batteries" and other nitpicks (spoiler)

05-20-2002, 10:23 PM
Having a great time, but:

1) Batteries. Don't need em. You can power a saber and get 300 lethal shots from a gun but can't keep those binocs powered up? Please. Cheat, thank you.

2) Those ground hugging bitey things in the mine level. Cheap thrills. They suck. Creepy? Yeah. But I don't like them.

3) Those three-eyed guys with grenades. They're perfectly happy to grenade themselves, each other, and anone else you happen to be standing next to.

4) Disruptor rifles. Having a gameplay balance issue? Lame. Gimme that scope on a blaster any day.

5) Inviso-cloney-jedi-reborn-terminator-lightsaberresistantmetal-dudes. Come on, Shelly. Come on. I mean, really.

6) No railings. I know it's traditional Star Wars architecture. But only in places. There are no railings anywhere in this game. I don't fall much, but ... well, .... silly imperial architecture! (not really Raven's fault... :)

But I am having lots of fun, and dismemberment rules.
Also very fun going to old levels with full Jedi powers. Now THIS is why Jedi are feared. Level 3 speed is just silly. (GOOD silly.)

Makes you realize how much coulda been done in the first 3 movies if the Jedi stuff had been "aged" a bit more.