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05-21-2002, 01:19 AM
Is there anyway (i.e. any specific console command or the like) to be able to look around the level without moving your character?

To explain further, it would be like spectator mode only with your character standing dormant where ever you enacted the command.

I know about com_cameraMode and cg_cameraOrbit, but neither of these are what I'm looking for..

Any info would be greatly appreciated...

05-21-2002, 01:33 PM
The command your looking for is cg_outofbodyexp 2

I'm sorry, j/k. I'm curious to why you are looking for this though...

05-22-2002, 09:48 AM
Originally posted by DMK
The command your looking for is cg_outofbodyexp 2

I'm sorry, j/k. I'm curious to why you are looking for this though...

Heh.. I wish that really was a command..

Why I'm looking? Simply put, I'm a screenshot whore and I was just wondering if there was a way to 'leave' the character and roam around the map to take screens outside of spectator mode; I just kinda tire of getting screens in 1st person view or 3rd person 'look at my character's ass' view. :p

05-22-2002, 11:23 AM
I think noclip mode is that what is most similiar to what you are looking for. It does only work with cheats enabled though ( to enable cheats in sp open console with shift + the key left to 1 and type
HelpUsObi 1 respectively devmap mapname e.g.
devmap ffa_bespin in mp).
When you are in the map open console and type noclip ,
now you are able to fly and move through objects . You can disable the hud and the weapondisplay with cg_draw2D 0
and cg_drawgun 0 .

05-24-2002, 10:09 AM
Well.... forget everything I posted. It's much easier. Just hit esc and click on "spectate" . You can remove the text with cg_draw2D 0 .

05-24-2002, 02:47 PM
Sorry... Overlooked that you don't want spectator mode.
Theres a script that lets the camera cycle around your body. Thats not exactly what you want but if you like to try it here it is:

Create a textfile in your base folder and paste this in

// BOF
bind kp_5 "toggle cg_thirdperson;vstr a0;vstr r40"
bind kp_uparrow "vstr closer"
bind kp_downarrow "vstr farther"
bind kp_leftarrow "vstr left"
bind kp_rightarrow "vstr right"

set a0 "cg_thirdpersonangle 0;set left vstr a10;set right vstr a350"
set a10 "cg_thirdpersonangle 10;set left vstr a20;set right vstr a0"
set a20 "cg_thirdpersonangle 20;set left vstr a30;set right vstr a10"
set a30 "cg_thirdpersonangle 30;set left vstr a40;set right vstr a20"
set a40 "cg_thirdpersonangle 40;set left vstr a50;set right vstr a30"
set a50 "cg_thirdpersonangle 50;set left vstr a60;set right vstr a40"
set a60 "cg_thirdpersonangle 60;set left vstr a70;set right vstr a50"
set a70 "cg_thirdpersonangle 70;set left vstr a80;set right vstr a60"
set a80 "cg_thirdpersonangle 80;set left vstr a90;set right vstr a70"
set a90 "cg_thirdpersonangle 90;set left vstr a100;set right vstr a80"
set a100 "cg_thirdpersonangle 100;set left vstr a110;set right vstr a90"
set a110 "cg_thirdpersonangle 110;set left vstr a120;set right vstr a100"
set a120 "cg_thirdpersonangle 120;set left vstr a130;set right vstr a110"
set a130 "cg_thirdpersonangle 130;set left vstr a140;set right vstr a120"
set a140 "cg_thirdpersonangle 140;set left vstr a150;set right vstr a130"
set a150 "cg_thirdpersonangle 150;set left vstr a160;set right vstr a140"
set a160 "cg_thirdpersonangle 160;set left vstr a170;set right vstr a150"
set a170 "cg_thirdpersonangle 170;set left vstr a180;set right vstr a160"
set a180 "cg_thirdpersonangle 180;set left vstr a190;set right vstr a170"
set a190 "cg_thirdpersonangle 190;set left vstr a200;set right vstr a180"
set a200 "cg_thirdpersonangle 200;set left vstr a210;set right vstr a190"
set a210 "cg_thirdpersonangle 210;set left vstr a220;set right vstr a200"
set a220 "cg_thirdpersonangle 220;set left vstr a230;set right vstr a210"
set a230 "cg_thirdpersonangle 230;set left vstr a240;set right vstr a220"
set a240 "cg_thirdpersonangle 240;set left vstr a250;set right vstr a230"
set a250 "cg_thirdpersonangle 250;set left vstr a260;set right vstr a240"
set a260 "cg_thirdpersonangle 260;set left vstr a270;set right vstr a250"
set a270 "cg_thirdpersonangle 270;set left vstr a280;set right vstr a260"
set a280 "cg_thirdpersonangle 280;set left vstr a290;set right vstr a270"
set a290 "cg_thirdpersonangle 290;set left vstr a300;set right vstr a280"
set a300 "cg_thirdpersonangle 300;set left vstr a310;set right vstr a290"
set a310 "cg_thirdpersonangle 310;set left vstr a320;set right vstr a300"
set a320 "cg_thirdpersonangle 320;set left vstr a330;set right vstr a310"
set a330 "cg_thirdpersonangle 330;set left vstr a340;set right vstr a320"
set a340 "cg_thirdpersonangle 340;set left vstr a350;set right vstr a330"
set a350 "cg_thirdpersonangle 350;set left vstr a0;set right vstr a340"
set r5 "cg_thirdpersonrange 5;set farther vstr r10;set closer vstr r500"
set r10 "cg_thirdpersonrange 10;set farther vstr r20;set closer vstr r5"
set r20 "cg_thirdpersonrange 20;set farther vstr r30;set closer vstr r10"
set r30 "cg_thirdpersonrange 30;set farther vstr r40;set closer vstr r20"
set r40 "cg_thirdpersonrange 40;set farther vstr r50;set closer vstr r30"
set r50 "cg_thirdpersonrange 50;set farther vstr r60;set closer vstr r40"
set r60 "cg_thirdpersonrange 60;set farther vstr r70;set closer vstr r50"
set r70 "cg_thirdpersonrange 70;set farther vstr r80;set closer vstr r60"
set r80 "cg_thirdpersonrange 80;set farther vstr r90;set closer vstr r70"
set r90 "cg_thirdpersonrange 90;set farther vstr r100;set closer vstr r80"
set r100 "cg_thirdpersonrange 100;set farther vstr r120;set closer vstr r90"
set r120 "cg_thirdpersonrange 120;set farther vstr r140;set closer vstr r100"
set r140 "cg_thirdpersonrange 140;set farther vstr r160;set closer vstr r120"
set r160 "cg_thirdpersonrange 160;set farther vstr r180;set closer vstr r140"
set r180 "cg_thirdpersonrange 180;set farther vstr r200;set closer vstr r160"
set r200 "cg_thirdpersonrange 200;set farther vstr r220;set closer vstr r180"
set r220 "cg_thirdpersonrange 220;set farther vstr r240;set closer vstr r200"
set r240 "cg_thirdpersonrange 240;set farther vstr r260;set closer vstr r220"
set r260 "cg_thirdpersonrange 260;set farther vstr r280;set closer vstr r240"
set r280 "cg_thirdpersonrange 280;set farther vstr r300;set closer vstr r260"
set r300 "cg_thirdpersonrange 300;set farther vstr r350;set closer vstr r280"
set r350 "cg_thirdpersonrange 350;set farther vstr r400;set closer vstr r300"
set r400 "cg_thirdpersonrange 400;set farther vstr r500;set closer vstr r350"
set r500 "cg_thirdpersonrange 500;set farther vstr r5;set closer vstr r400"

// EOF

Save the file as view.cfg . You activate the script with exec view.cfg . Cheats have to be enabled too . The camera is controlled by the numpad keys .

05-25-2002, 08:27 PM
You could also try using the 'levelshot' command instead of 'screenshot'. It turns off all the extraneous HUD stuff.