View Full Version : sorry, but I can't share the enthusiasm

05-21-2002, 02:16 PM
Now, how to put this? Sorry, can't help it but this was the first Star Wars movie ever that bored me. I caught myself actually waiting for the next cut and a new scene several times and other people even left the movie to get another drink and they were NOT AT ALL in a hurry!!!
...and the worst thing about it: In a way I find that hard to believe! I am a fan, right? Were the expectations just too high so they could never have been met? Or was it really just a bad movie? O.k. the ending is great as soon as all the Jedis come to the arena. But all before that? What was that? An afternoon soap and a non-interactive promo for a jump and run? Mario Bros. to the rescue.

Simply said, I am absolutely undecided what to think. What's for sure is, that I left the cinema really disappointed with hardly any thrill left. By now I think I'll just go see it again (in a while) to give it a 2nd chance. But still, there is that feeling that this was not Star Wars.