View Full Version : Saber Combat Mod, Shall I Make 1

Lost Welshman
05-21-2002, 03:23 PM
HI EVRY1, IM BACK, ive thrown down my xbox controller and ive decided 2 get back 2 makin skins n stuff 4 my fans.
shall i make a saber mod that allows you to:

1. Manually Block lightsaber attacks.
2. Attack with original attacks, and you can move the mouse to swing the saber yourself (it WILL do damage)
3. More realistic Sabers
4. I could also include the Arial side flips instead of the normal sidewards dive.

Most of this is easily done with cheats or console commands but it will help for those who dont know how to use the console also doing a sidewards arial flip looks really cool and if you just tap jump and tap left/right at the same time, then hold jump again it will do the famous Butterfly moves.

Please respond and tell me if you think it will be good.

05-21-2002, 03:48 PM
Use aiming for normal blocking. The better you are aimed at the saber the more likely a block will occur. Atleast blocking is not random and requires some skill (as suggested by another poster). I still would like a key for force blocking like Obiwan. If you don't time your force block correctly then you don't get the force block (knock back) but you still use up half of you force power. If you are close on your timing of the force block then you will only initiate a saber lock. If you time it just right then you get a full force block. Also you should still be able to use force block
for blocking gun shots back at an enemy (ala Obiwan)

Lets get this done. I think it would really help the game alot.
(Anythings better than the random skill less game that we have
now. Yea it looks pretty, but there is very little skill.)