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Lost Welshman
05-21-2002, 05:29 PM
If any newbies think that they would like to boost their online jedi capabilitys then, I yes me The Lost Welshman will help you. Just Private Message (PM) me and ill see what i can do, btw you should have msn messenger so I can keep in contact.

Also if there are any proven 'Jedi Masters' out there, if your interested in training someone for fun you can train me, im good at online gameing now but im not yet one of the best and i would like to learn how to use light force powers more effectivly.

here is my Jedi Bio:

In Game Name: The Lost Welshman or The Headless Hunter
Age: 14
Personal Ranking: Jedi
Favorite Lightsaber Colours: Red, Green, Yellow

At the moment ive got some tactics worked out that work well but get boring, when i use these tactics the people I use them on copy me and use them on me and other players. I would like to learn how to use the lightsaber for maximum damage without spinning round like a loony. I would greatly Appreciate any help i get and those who do help will get some skins/mods that i make before i post them on a website.

For those who want to be trained by me, if my name is The Headless Hunter then i will more than likley be on the darkside and will train you to eventually become a Sith Apprentice. If my name is set to The Lost Welshman then I should be on the lightside.

Again if you wish to Train me or Be Trained by me, private message me with your msn e-mail thank you.

05-21-2002, 06:45 PM
I play lightside now almost exclusively. Especiall since darkside powers seem to be way underpowered in 1.03 patch... but anyway...

My favorite lightside powers are this..

Absorb - Basically I can count on either sabering someone to death, or the other guy running for his life attempting his feeble force powers against me. Works great against backstabbers, the kind that pull you and then backstab. Most of them wussies can do nothing but run like hell when you have absorb. That or fight. And most of them have ****ty saber skills otherwise. In CTF absorb almost works as good if not better than having speed ability. I usually play MatrixCPA's server so I can have both. I turn on absorb gain more force power then hit my speed. Guarenteed no one gets me. Even more you can use absorb to hold onto the flag for virtually forever. If you do nothing but roll and run from someone and can sufficiently duck they're saber throws, turn absorb on and you become unstoppable. Force powers is about the only chance people have at catching running flag carriers. Not THE ONLY way, but there aren't many other ways. Beware mind trickers they get ya everytime....

Mind Trick - I used to use this just to **** with peoples heads. But lately I've been combining it with the backstab. Just walk up to someone who doesn't see you do a 180 and backstab. They be dead. Mind Trick is usefull for running for your own life, or taking out the enemy flag carriers. Just keep a tab on those with seeing ability. Another cool trick when there is a good crowd.... walk up to someone slowly with saber down like you are going to challenge them, mind trick them, then reappear to them just as you stop in front of them. It just looks cool. hehe

Team Heal - No one uses it much, but in team games it really is a great power to have.

Seeing Ability - I never use it. The only time I would would be to counter mind trickers, but even then I'd rather just use mindtrick myself. If your a CTF flag defender or base defender otherwise not a bad trick to have. Note my comment on mind trick. Cuz I guarentee if I find a flag carrier that stops moving for even a second or goes along a predictable path and no one uses sight to see me, kiss your flag carriers ass goodbye.

Protect - Also a power I don't use, but not a bad one. Another good defense against pull/backstabers and the like.

05-21-2002, 07:26 PM
I play lightside now almost exclusively. Especiall since darkside powers seem to be way underpowered in 1.03 patch... but anyway...

Not realy. Im playing Dark side and its REALY powerfull. Only you need skills to play dark greatly.


Not bad force but its only protect you from overuse of power like most of players do. Vs me its not realy efficiant.

Mind Trick

Need to know how use it well. Yes suprise is alway fun to do ;P. But Vs me that power is not realy efficiant cause i hear you neer me and i know most exacly where you are.

Team Heal

Lost of time to use that power since 1.03 nurfed alot all heal power.

Seeing Ability

Poor force. Good also to excape sniper its do a kool move ;).


Bah can safe your life for some sec. Vs me use it or not you still die ;).

My favorite dark powers are this..

Lightning - hell yea awesome power to have. If you know the right tactic with it you will owns all light jedi lol.

Grip - So so power i use it more to look player agonise ;). But its can be usefull for some situation. CTF TDM etc good force to have.

Pull / Push - alway have this to max lvl. Otherwise you will alway knock down on the ground or drop of a clip. Its not prevent you for 100 % but you have more chance to stay up ;)

Jump - Lvl 3 all the way.

Saber throw - lvl 3 oh yea. Good Vs player who play Light Force or try to escape etc.

"The blood on my hands is merely proof of my ambition"

05-22-2002, 01:37 AM

Rank: Padawan :p

I'm currently only joining Saber only and NF servers. I do fairly well in saber dueling. I still consider myself a learner in saber tactics in this game. I think it's a good start with only saber.

Once I get a hold of using saber only, I'll start with the force powers.

I duel, mainly.

I don't think there are any Jedi Masters out there yet, let alone, Jedi Knights :p

Only way I'll consider you a Jedi Master, is if you can fight someone and kill them flawlessly without a scratch.

05-22-2002, 04:44 AM
I would have to say that force sight is a very usefull and affective ability. I almost always play CTF as a defender, force sights lets me keep tabs on the other team and on my team. If I see some one on my team in trouble then I can run around and help them, or if I see a weakness in the other teams defenses then I go for the flag.

Force absorb is great when some one uses lightning or drain all the time. I just watch my force meter fill up, then go and take them out.