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05-21-2002, 07:26 PM
In an effort to get banned from fewer servers I tried pretending to be a bot for a day.

I figured that If people thought I was running on AI, they wouldn't complain about me as much as complaining to a computer is slightly less effective than complaining to an actual person.

I changed my name to that of a bot, then programmed key binds to all of the things that the bot I was immitating said. I then entered my first game, where I was kicked almost immediately...I have no idea why.

My next game lasted considerably longer. In the first four minutes I was leading the server in a game which had been running for more than 14 minutes. Within seconds of moving into first place, I was kicked...I have no idea why.

My third game I actually played to completion.

To anyone who has a unique playing style that meets with predjudice from the community, this technique of immitating bots does work to some extent. People DO QUIT BITCHING. Hardly anyone talked to me the whole day.

I have yet to discover a way to not get kicked out of 80% of the servers I play on. If you could offer me any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully the community will one day grow out of their infantile predjudices and insecurities and I can join a server with my head held high knowing that I am welcome to enjoy my expensive as hell video game with my fellow gamers. Alas, I'm afraid there is much to be learned in the JO community.


Homosexual Ewok
05-22-2002, 01:13 AM
Today I was playing team death match and ended up taking on four guys at once. I took two out with a back sweep; one went down with a few kicks and the last one with a pull/blue stance back stab. What is funny about this is they tried voting me off the server because I was "lame". So beating my ass 4 on 1 is fine, but when I take 4 guys out alone I'm the "lamer"?

I never had to listen to crap like this in Jedi Knight. It's not the community that was here before, it's the migration of 13 year old "1337 Counter-Strike ownerz" that is not only screwing up this game but just about every damn online game these days.

I feel for you dude, maybe one day the "FIX THIS NOW OR I AM LEAVING!" people will actually leave and the rest of us can enjoy it.

05-22-2002, 01:14 AM
Great idea, but bots have a ping of 0 so everyone will know your not a true bot.

05-22-2002, 07:30 AM
I agree taking on four at once and winning should not be a lame labeling offense...

however the kills where done with what move again? Backstabs and sweeps? in my book only the first one would have been aplaudable, a good application of force. But pulling and backstabbing the last one, and kicking the other guy to death might have made me look at you sideways... especialy if you hadn't been on the server for a while doing other things know what I mean?

Thus I can understand your point of view and the others...

As for this "unique" fighting style mentioned by prancer, are we talking about the "spam" or "exploit" style that isn't all that unique? or just something not normaly done?

If your getting kicked from so many servers I have to say with little personal offense you "SOUND" like you use one of the above mentioned styles.

As for Counterstrike in general, I know what ewok is talking about, but to me it's far less warrented in that game. the people who whine in CS have veryy little reason too whine. take it from me since I played since the very early beta days, that game was tweaked a LOT. I haven't played the latest patches though... my friend likes em... but I lost interest since I been playing it for uhm... about 4 years now maybe? give or take.

Once you go 50-5 two or three times you have hit your peak, and it gets annoying when after doing the above you go and play and get a 10-16 or something LOL. I wasn't annoyed at the game, or the other players but myself for getting sucky without practice.

this game HAS exploits, and imbalances. If they arn't adressed people will use them. some will even do it and be proud of it.

the point is, CS with the exception of how many people cheat in some way or another (wall hacks ETC), the game itself is VERY balanced, or at least was the last time I played it.

This game however has fewer cheats but a LOT of exploitable combinations and similarly unbalanced things.

It;s like an older fighting game or two when the game revolved around jump kicking every single time you did anything, or throwing ETC.

Sure they where fun for any people, but not people who really wanted to fight.

anyway end of my arguments for now.

Zero Jedi
05-22-2002, 07:40 AM
I have yet to discover a way to not get kicked out of 80% of the servers I play on. If you could offer me any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
*backstab-spammer senses tingling*

"Unique Playing Style"... is that what they're calling it now?

Master Rooster
05-22-2002, 08:52 AM
The best way to improve the communoititw sof FPS games and remove all the little whiners would be to prodiuce keyboards without numbers on them. Okay, it would take a while to phase out all the old keyboards, and might make work related computer use challenging, but without their number keys, the pre-pubescents would be unable to communicate.

They would either have to resort to the English (or whatever native language they choose) or shut up for good. A glorious victory would be seen...

05-22-2002, 01:17 PM
No, I'm not a backstab spammer. I don't even waste force points on the saber in a guns server. I will use my bryar pistol before I use my saber. That's just one of the things people hate about my playing...getting killed with the pistol.

Them: "Why don't you use your saber, you friggin guns spammer"

Me: "Because I didn't put any force points on it. That would be pretty stupid of me, dumbass"

Them: "Padawan has initiated a vote to kick HappyPrancer"

also, I stick near holes and push people in them, because that's pretty well the fastest kill in the game. I don't spam any one move, I just try and kill as quickly as possible. People don't always like my methods.


05-22-2002, 02:02 PM
backstabbing? so that's the move everyone's using? i was wondering about that...

you guys have to teach me. that's backpedal and strike of course, but do you have to turn around your back toward the enemy? and what's a sweep? i didn't know you could physically hit some one with your body. where the hell is the key for kicking then? [edit] (never mind i just saw pendantic's post thanx.)

i got voted off a server for throwing my saber too much in duels. alot of these kids are full of it.

05-22-2002, 08:55 PM
HP if all your doing is using guns a lot I would never have much of an urge to call you a lamer. If your on a guns enabled server and you use guns a lot, sure you might frustrate me, but know that if I bitch at you I will be lashing myself repeatedly with a cat and 9 tails LOL Why?

Well if I use the saber a lot how come I don't get called a saber whore, and get booted off? Same should go for you man. so if the worst you are doing is whoring a repeater or something then I can safely say two things:

1: your breaking no rules, and that in itself is not exactly lame or kickable as offenses go in my book (annoying to saberists maybe, but not really wrong know what I mean?).

2: I will probably never cross paths with you because I prefer No guns, No force/limited force saber only servers.

But know that this style of play if your telling the truth should NEVER get you kicked. However I am SURE it does once in a while, and for that I raise my hand in the crowd to vote that kicking you out for gun running was a lame kick.

If you where spamming something maybe I would bithc, but if all your doing is playing JKII MP like your a merc I got no quarell with you.

Heck maybe you should look into playing on the jedi Vs merc servers? Least there what your doing is expected you know?

Homosexual Ewok
05-22-2002, 09:27 PM
They way I look at it is quite simple.
If it is not a hack, and it is in the game, it's fair game.

May the best/fastest/cheapest/most clever/devious player win.

Both they and I can do it just as easily, so neither of us has any room to complain.

If my opponent likes guns, let him use guns (I'm talking FFA here). I personally prefer sabers, but that is my choice. It is also something I am going to have to compensate for when he is firing rockets at my head. I knew this going in, so now I deal with it.

Duels and the "cheap moves"?
Same thing. Some dude likes to run in, do a 180, and then make a big high-damage swipe? Well, it is now up to me (not Raven) to figure out how to take this guy out before he pulls that move off.

This is how great players get great.
"Patches do not make one great". So to speak.

05-22-2002, 09:47 PM
I agree in the most basic sense there Homo, basically if it's not an exploit due to a game imbalance it's your own fault for losing really.

However those who spam pull backstab as thier means for achieving scores, ESPECIALY when people complain to you directly to stop isn't really fair game.

I do think there is a difference between what is in the game and how raven intended it to be played.

I strongly dount they intended people to be running around backward, but even more than that I REALLY think they never intended people to pull backstab endlessly.

I think one of the reasons it's so exploitable now is because before durring a backstab or any solid hit, your avatar was flung away from the attack by the force of incoming hit (know what I mean). so for the blue stance backstab it rarely happened that you hit an enemy for full multihit damage unless they where backed into a corner or something.

Bring back the rebound effect of the saber hit's and increase damage of normal swings a tiny bit (closer to 1.02 but keep the damage arc thing, and blocking), would rectify some of the pull backstab phenomenon.

So yeah I agree if you die to an ass fighter it was either cuz the assfighter got lucky in some way, or you simply lack the ability to get out of the way.

to ask for the Backstab to be nerfed on it's own would basically be like asking raven to nerf all the moves down to 1 hp moves...

However something must be done so that things like backstab are balanced properly with the other moves.

The point of such moves in MP games is they give you an advantage, but at the cost of something important.

The DFA for example now is fine, and fun. Why? because the person using it, is in deep $hit if they miss now because they are open long enough for a nasty counter.

The blue backstab though has the same buggy hit detection as the old DFa had (able to do massive damage while your putting your saber back to the ready position, I've killed a few people by backstabbing then turning to fsace them with the intention of blocking only to have them impale themselves on my saber as I am going back to my en guarde stance).

the other flaw is the ability to turn durring the animation. In my book you shouldn't be able to turn while performing this move, OR the saber only does damage at the very begining of the animation when it is thrust out.

Anyway thats all for now

05-22-2002, 10:30 PM
Demangel, raven put in the ability to turn the blue back stab. I don't know why, but whatever. I like it, but they just need to work on the hit detection.
They really need to fix medium finisher.