View Full Version : Where'd the Magic Go?

Jonas Bach
05-22-2002, 03:59 AM
i've seen this in forum after forum. if someone DARES to speak their mind on what they see as problems with ep II ppl go ape#%$@ and start abusing the person posting...guys and gals, it's a bloody MOVIE. let ppl have their opinions, even if you loved it.

for example, "impressive though the computer work is, it soon descends into video game overkill. only a teenage boy could find this kind of stuff continually diverting, and only a teenage boy would not notice flimsy emotions and underdeveloped acting."


i suppose i'll be attacked because i dare to agree with much of the criticism of this film. i saw the first film in '77 when i was 12, and seeing star wars then was like having your first love, you'll never get those same feelings back once it's over--even with a film like ep II, which i actually liked in many ways, it's never going to regain that magic...

05-22-2002, 04:14 AM
i can definitly see where your comin with that. i feel that way about many things, like the final fantasy series.. the older ones were the best to me.. and Ultima online to me is still the best mmorpg partly because it was my first real mmorpg and i have such memories that are unmatched.

im not that young, 24, was born year after the first star wars came out.. so i dont share your feelings in that regard.