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Wraith 8
05-22-2002, 07:01 AM
Ok... we had this discussion like a million times. from all New guys and or Girls to the forum. the great mistery to them... and for us a great field of knoledge. we have like 6 threads about this.. and some of you sugested a sticky thread that explained it all. now im asking you all in order to do so... give all your insights on it. give ideas, sugestions, facts, hints, warnings, whatever. but tell me what it all is and i will generate a sticky thread about it.

Tell us all about:


we got all sorts of new people here that are saying: im gonna be a Jedi and they dont know anything of how or what.
so come on with all your insights.

you will get a notice in the sticky thread if you do a good job :D

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05-22-2002, 10:31 AM
I think it has been answered before but as I understand it, the path to become a jedi is different for each person. The skills necessary are random for each person, so a hairdresser is the right pick for one person to become force sensitive while a slicer might be the right one for someone else. Kinda random and controllable by the design team. If my characters happen to pick the right one, I guess I'd give it a go, but very very doubtful that I'll pick the right one.


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05-22-2002, 11:32 AM
hmmm have no insights at all of it... and here i was thinking becoming a jedi was gonna be easy

05-22-2002, 01:30 PM
Well If I become force sensitive I will surely look into it.

If not, i still have my blaster :)

05-22-2002, 03:14 PM
Wonder how you will know when your force sensitive...

05-22-2002, 10:27 PM
Since i suggested the sticky thread thing, i'll go off and do some research :). brb

05-23-2002, 12:19 AM
Ok, heres what i've gathered from Jedi posts so far. I've included the name of whoever provided the info and chucked in a few new comments.

Wraith, are you going to post what you found in this thread?


I've been saying for a long time that Vader and his imp enforcers are going to be the balance for Jedi. I think there will also be a lot of players who will keep jedi down by hunting them (possibly in gangs). They may want to kill Jedi for a bounty offered by the imperials or just for bragging rights.

This has become commonly accepted. Vader will be out for your Jedi head 24/7. Bounty Hunters will probably figure here too, auto bounties may be posted. Read on for more info...

refering to my earlier post under "how hard will it be to make a lightsaber" and my post which has 10 reason why it'll be hard to be a jedi. I personally won't be surprised if hunting jedi, once the game really takes off, would be 30-40% of the automatic bounties that npc types would offer.

Just speculation, but it wouldn't surprise me either if this were true.

The developers have made it clear the being a Jedi is going to be very rare...they say maybe 3-5% or even less of the people playing the game will be Jedi. And once one becomes force sensitive (which will be different for every player and character) you will basically have to dedicate all your time on being Jedi because if you dont, you can loose your force sensitivity. Jedi's will also be hunted down by Bobba-Fett, IQ-88, and other famous NPC (non-player controlled) bounty hunters. Oh also you will be haunted down by Darth Vader. The Devs have described the life of a Jedi as laborious but very rewarding. In addition I don't think anybody but a Jedi can use a lightsaber and if you are a Jedi you will be more powerful if you create your own saber.

It says somewhere that other people can use a lightsaber, but very badly. They won't be able to service it either so eventually it'll fall apart.

My personal viewpoint is that once you trigger the Jedi Quest (however initial force sensitivity works) is that what you do from that point onwards is logged. Jedi are so vital and integral a part of the universe that potential Jedi candidates are going to be screened.

Now, they won't read your comments and move line-by-line, they don't have the personel to do it for the 100 or so Jedi per server.
But they'll look for trends in your behavoir. The fights you get into, the things your character does. To see if you fit the mold, so to speak.

But I think that's just at first. To more often than not somewhat customize your quest. To keep it unique.

But to keep being a Jedi, well...

You see, there's a particular type of Jedi that this time span requires. Discreet. Quite.


You flaunt the skills of a Jedi, and as MikeC said, you come to the attention of Vader.

And not only that, but the very large standing bounty on information leading to the capture or death of a Jedi.

I would hope, actually, that the path to become a Jedi requires long quests. Not the 30 minutes to 2 hour "normal" quests, or even the longer 12 to 14 hour "themepark" quests. But several 10 or more hour quests.

One to find your teacher, your Holocron, or old books. One to learn the skills. One to gather the parts for your lightsaber. One to test yourself as a Jedi.

To make you put weeks of effort, if not months, into creating a character you care about, so that, dark or light, you're not going to lose it by showing off, or ganking people for fun.

Some great points made here. Not only will it be hard to become a jedi, it will require more than just a trip to the local dungeon and some high level monster kills to remain a jedi. From all accounts it'll take patience, thought and restraint. Not for the average dungeon crawler.

I agree with Morat. Every indication we have is that power gamers are not the ones who will become Jedi. Well, that's not the right way to put it. Being a power gamer will not determine if you become force sensitive. They haven't given any details, but it almost seems to have a sense of randomness to it (at least in my mind).

I think it was Mike who wrote something similar to this but more strongly worded. If you play and play and play, you wont get to level 100 and instantly become a jedi. This isnt EQ or any other MMORPG, it's a new game altogether. It's not about levelling and dungeon crawls and impossibly tough uber-players. With luck, some good skill choices and a bit of craftiness a low level character could take down a high level character. But i digress....

and Mike again
I agree, its downright funny to see all these jedi and dark jedi PAs popping up. So often I've wanted to smack some of these people upside the head and tell them to go play Jedi Outcast if they want to be a Jedi that bad.

Hehe. They'll be crying into mamma's skirts when they can't find the 'Jedi' button.

You can't show other people how to become Jedi and therefore build a huge secret jedi army.

It doesnt work that way so just put that bit outta your mind. I assume to become a Jedi you will be sent all over the galaxy fulfilling missions and quests, not sitting around in some training facility.

I sure hope this is the case.

There is no process to give you. It is unique every time. The game's developers have said a path will only be available once and then change. We don't know any specifics yet on just what the process will be.

I get the feeling the numbers really will be kept down, and in two ways.

1. Everyone has a CHANCE to become a jedi, but that chance is incredibly small by all reports. 3-5% of 3000 is 90-150 people out of 3000. To me that sounds quite reasonable.

You'll first have to become force sensitive through a random series of events that you'll never be able to replicate(or so the devs hope). Then you have to train and train, this lead to....

2. Being a Jedi is for the dedicated and serious player. I doubt you'll see 'I am a rockz0r j3di master w00t w00t' too often. Or maybe you will, then you'll get to see that person stomped on by bounty hunters, dark jedi etc. It's only a guess, but my opinion is the devs will make it a long, hard path that calls for a lot of patience and adherence to strict rules. Being a jedi is a not a path of excitement and adventure.

Being a Jedi is still something for everyone to aspire to, I just think a lot of people will be surprised by what they think Jedi are and what the truth turns out to be. They'll be hunted and killed ceaselessly if they dont take vigorous precautions. The path will be long and hard. I know most people will be saying 'oh thats fine, as long as i can be a jedi!' I have an inkling that not how it'll turn out once the game is released.

"why do you think they'll be hunted every 20 seconds"

Because the little we've read from the developers says that it will be pretty damn long from a breeze to play a jedi. That it won't be a cool party trick add-on to your character, as you seem to think of it ("yeah, I'll be a bounty hunting mercenary, that is a jedi too!").

And if it I going to be so hard, then it is not strange that people speculate in WHICH WAY it will be so hard.

Theory A:

It will be freaking hard to become jedi

Theory B:

It will be freaking hard to keep on being a jedi

I think a combination of the two is to be expected. And if it would be so easy to hide your abilities that you simply don't flaunt your lightsaber everywhere, then why does the dev's say it will be hard? They, if anyone, should know...

And well, most jedi in the movies could sense other person strong in the force for miles...

why wouldn't it happen in the game? There's a reason Yoda hid on the most isolated swamp

planet he could find...

This makes sense. In the timeframe of the game there are very few jedi and they're all on the run or hiding from Vader. There's no Jedi academy, there's no Jedi council. It's not a life of power and prestige. They're not even keepers of the peace anymore.

However, you can't just start studying The Force and become a jedi. You'll have to hope you're lucky enough to become force sensitive. Even if you are I don't think most people will have the patience to train or the fortitude to be one once they realise its not all beer and pretzels.

Nothing new, just threw it in cos it was the last thing about Jedi I'd posted.

Some parlay between a new guy and Gaalgoth

Before anyone says "you wont become a jedi, only 1 out of 1000000000 people will be a jedi" I say to you "I play the high level EQ game, I will do what it takes no matter what it requires, just the same as what EQ requires for high level raids"

Gaalgoth replies...
No no no no no no no no NO! You people just don't get it, do you? First off this isn't EQ. It doesn't matter how much or how hard you play, that won't help you be a jedi! It's the proper skill choice and very very rare. This isn't EQ, becoming a Jedi is not the same thing as being high level. Sorry guy, but it's not. You can't choose to become force sensitive, and setting your heart on the possibility will only end in heart break.

Damn straight, Gaal. Some people seem to think becoming a Jedi is an automatic reward for playing 24/7 for a few months. WRONG! 'Power players' aren't going to be the uber-tanks they are in UO or EQ. Hopefully people will have to play smart, not hard. You won't be the greatest or mightiest just because you don't have a life and stay at home all day or play all night. If thats the case, Lucasarts will have built the ultimate MMORPG. <begins prayers that this will be so>

05-23-2002, 12:32 AM
Sure we don't know exactly it will take to become a jedi, but dedicated people like me will go through whatever it takes to become one, it's simply that big a thing.

05-23-2002, 01:07 AM
Vicious, I was once like you. Unfortunatly, it's not that easy. perseverance isn't everything, it's also alot of luck. Just cause you live like a jedi doesn't mean you will become one, and just cause you try hard doesn't mean you will become one either. IF you get lucky enough to become FS then you may have a chance, but that's a big if. When you become one come back here and post, show me I'm wrong, but I doubt you will become a jedi. sorry.

Wraith 8
05-23-2002, 06:16 AM
Great work Gavor.... ill make a sticky out of it... or at least ask a mod to make it a sticky :D

let me just add something to this all.

Everybody wants to become a Jedi... even me if i have the chance. BUT i know how hard it is gonna be. So to all the Jedi Wannanbees..... be prepared to take on another living than a Jedi. you wont even know yet if you are gonna be force sensitive.. just pray you will.

Wraith 8
05-23-2002, 09:11 AM
ok.. i posted it... but i left to parts out of the info.. they didnt tell anything new... so.... :D ill ask a mod to make it a sticky.

05-23-2002, 10:27 PM
Thanks Wraith. Let hope this leads to more involved discussion on new topics and saves us repeating the same ol' lines over and over.

Your last point is well made, I think we'd all like to have a crack at being a Jedi, even if just to find out whats involved. We just need to inform people that Jedi aren't some kind of walking Star Destroyer that's available from the start menu. :p

On a personal note, i'm looking forward to exploring the planets and meeting interesting people more than anything else. Lucasarts have a whole galaxy of surprises just waiting to be experienced and I intend to experience them! :D

Wraith 8
05-24-2002, 06:14 AM
thanks gavor... man .. i asked 3 mods and admins already.. non of them made it sticky.... maybe i should mail Juztyn....