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05-22-2002, 09:09 PM
just got it and it rock!!! go back in this old day were adventure game of Lucas Arts were on DOS or very old version of window ..... you remember?...

all of these heros?:
- Ben (full throtlle),
- Manny Calavera, glottis (grim fandango),
- Guybrush & Elaine Threepwood (monkey island),
- Indiana jones (fate of atlantis),
- Zak McKracken (Zak McKracken),
- Bernard, Laverne, Hoagie (Day of the tentacle)
- Sam, max (Sam & Max: hit the road)


and all these bad guys?
- Dr. Fred (day of the tentacle),
- Hitler (Indiana Jones: fate of atlantis),
- LeChuck (monkey island),
- Ector LeMan (grim fandango),
- Bruno (sam & max: hit the road)

Here we go. Just imagine an adventure game (because it seem everyone here, including me, want a new adventure game from Lucas Arts!) with everyone you see over here! So here we have an adventure game without any star wars link.... no jedi or lightsaber. If lucas arts show all the forum, my idea, and work a little bit hard on hit, I'm sure LA would be able to produce this game with the help of Tim Schafer (designer of full throttle, Grim fandangoand many more). It could be like... don't know me... will would all think together of it... but we will have to controle lot of heros (manny, guybrush, indiana jones, Ben, sam and max etc etc..), and all the bad guys could make a big gang who want to take over the world! isnt it original? not sure... that's why we will all think about the story. An other great thing about this game, the most part of the game would be in 3D, BUT, because there's a BUT because I know you love old adventure game, if you find some secret in the game, it could give you the whole old game like Day of the tentacle, full throttle, or sam & max! and if you finish the game with all the secret (old game), it could give you bigger game like grim fandango or monkey island 3. I know the game will be really big (more than 600 mo surely) but what we can to for that? everything! I would buy a new hard drive if I have no place on my hard drive for this game!!

05-22-2002, 09:14 PM
answer to this post there please: http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=369

05-23-2002, 03:37 PM
I don't think we should mix characters from different games... Manny should be in GF (or GF2, Guybrush in Monkey Island etc...

05-23-2002, 11:32 PM
Crossovers are only slightly more original than photocopies.

05-23-2002, 11:45 PM
...And only slightly less flammable.

Tall Guy
06-01-2002, 10:36 PM
getting back to the topic, I think....actually lets not bother:( So, flammable crossovers eh? :rolleyes:

06-06-2002, 04:10 PM
I dunno, some crossovers work really well. Like Manny apearing in CMI, or the numerous Max sightings in just about every LucasArts game. It's slightly different though.

06-08-2002, 12:03 AM
I don't think those are crossovers. The Max appearances are in-jokes, and the Manny thing was an ad (a similar thing was done in MI1 where Loom is being advertised). A crossover would be, like, Captain Kirk taking on the Master.

06-08-2002, 10:19 PM
thats way too many people.bot such a good idea, but if it were justa pack with new games for them that would be a little better. althought it would cost a whole lot.:ewok:

Isis Kaldara
06-28-2002, 09:19 AM
Hey, did everyone see Manny Calavera in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace? I did! It was cool!

06-28-2002, 09:23 AM
Just for the record, Bruno wasnt the bad guy in Sam&Max...he was the stupid bigfoot

06-28-2002, 02:40 PM
Yeah, Conroy Bumpus was the bad guy from Sam&Max.