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05-23-2002, 06:29 AM
After seeing the previous movies everyone had these fantastic expectations for the new trilogy of movies, granted the current movies lack a lot of what the old ones had, I think after all the years people expectations have exceed what anyone could possibly come up with.
So giving Lucas the benifit of the doubt . . .
I see too many cliches in the latest two installments. For instance Phantom Menance, they killed some bad guys, blew up a Large Evil ship(like a death star), had a duel of light sabers with a good guy dying(like obi wan) in route to saving the day at the end just like the original star wars. *Yawn* The saber fight was decent, but he!! why didnt they just call it the Special edition Star Wars?
Todays audience needs more plot twists in order to enjoy movies.
Attack of the Clones has a LOT of the same problems Phatom Menance had, for instance, it has a STUPID name just like Phantom Menace. There are too many holes in the ever increasing crap plot unfolding since Menace, older Storm Troops look ungraded in their armor? Boba Fett related to Storm Troops? C3PO made by darth Vader?Whats next Obi Wan makes the blue prints for the Millenium Falcon? R2D2 helps design the death star? Maybe yoda fathers Han solo an his adopted Wookie Chewy.
Jedi getting mowed down by droids? WTF? Why were none of them using speed force an cutting all that sh!t up? In Phantom Menace it shows Obi Wan an his mentor using force speed in the beginning of the movie(They fade as they run away from droids), so the force power is there an they do know how to use it. All that jedi fighting with droids was so GENERIC, every 3 seconds someone is twirling there saber for NO APPARENT REASON, like its a f*cking baton. Idiotic. They hardly even used ANY FORCE POWER as well. This whole scene could have made the movie if they would have done it right, they didnt.

When Jango Fetts head was loped off I wasnt surprised, I wasnt stunned, it was ho-hum(then again it was just a helmet not a real head). But when Luke had his saber hand cut off in Empire I sh*t. I thought, no more saber fighting for him, f*ck.
Probably the best star wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back, has lots of original plot twists that you dont see coming, it had a really dark feel to it. But even when I saw Jango helmet go flying it didnt seem dark in the least. There was just no edge to this movie what so ever.
The saber fight in Empire is still the best made yet, I was hoping to hell Attack of the Clones would have a killer saber fight, but I was stupid to think they could turn it around so soon. Dual-weilding light sabers and they let him do it for a whole 5 seconds, good god are they retarded?! And if that isnt bad enough, they had his saber hand cut off a la empire strikes back. GAY! Cliche!
Yoda scene wasnt too bad, till he pulled out that miniture saber, then I laughed my azz to the floor as he proceeded to twirl an hop around Dooku. And again another make or break scene for the movie and again they failed us!
I kept praying that this wasnt the end of the movie, that the real saber fight was yet to come, or the real large battle between storm troops or droids or jedi, LOL.
Lucas needs to be locked away for this mess. Or maybe hes been living in a cave an hasnt seen movies in 20 years, so he doesnt know anything about a complex story/plot.
The one bright point, hearing the Emperial March again, that was nice.

05-23-2002, 06:34 AM
Yeh. What i enjoyed most about the movie though was how the pieces of all the stories just started to come together: the clone troopers (early stormtroopers), Anakin turning to the darkside, that little hologram of the death star (Sidious' big plan ey) and the ever-famous clone wars.

I ca't wait to see how Lucas finishes tieing up the last pieces in Episode III.........it's gonna rock!!!!

05-23-2002, 06:57 AM
In my opinion there are so much unanswered questions left, that Episode 3 will have to last like 5 hours for the puzzle to be in place.

05-23-2002, 07:07 AM
3 hours max! Lucas will be able to fit all the relevant stuff into the next film. He'll concentrate less on effects and more on the story-telling.