View Full Version : Am I A Stick In The Mud?

05-23-2002, 05:45 PM
Monkey Island...
who that has played mi 1 and mi 2 before mi 4 and mi 3 were released thinks of mi 4 as a success?
Actually it depends on what someone is "asking" from a game. You may play mi 4 and love the game really love it for its graphics, the same way you may play mi 1 and love it for the hillarious jokes and actual story of it.
Realy I was so bloody dissapointed from EMI, I expected a new story but not like that...C'mon...Guybrush marries Elaine?Give me a break!!!Herman?H.T.?They ruined the hole fun of the game. A game should be fun we play it to laugh, it's a very special part of the game,herman in the beach as a philosopher?Waiting for someone to rescue him even if he owns a ship?I'm sorry but I didn't see many funny things in mi 4, they gave too much attention in the graphics and forgot what the game is all about.
Maybe the should give a call to Ron to remind them for Christs sake...I know that a lot of you will disagree with me but you have to understand,I am not behind the times or a stick in the mud,I am just saying that I would like the story to be different and for the graphics to keep some of the old things like the use of the mouse and to be able to walk everywere and not just stop when you hit the end of the screen.
I mean...Have you seen the three parts of the Godfather?Which one you liked best?The first one and the second one,the third one was just too "let's just get the money as it will be a success after two great movies and we don't give a sh*t" wasn't it?
I miss the old times.When people were focusing more on the story than on how much polygons is Gyubrush's body made of...
Please tell me your opinion...Would you like to meet in mirc sometime and talk about it?

King Andrei
07-14-2002, 07:13 PM
What the ****? Who voted MI1?

07-26-2002, 01:07 PM
People tha liked The Secret of Monkey Island the best most likely :D I voted The Curse of Monkey Island

Serious Stan
07-29-2002, 05:59 PM
I tend to agree with you H, I really enjoyed MI 1 and 2 when they first came out years ago, and as such when I play them now I can forgive the graphics and sound etc because they give ME the feeling of nostalgia, of when I was in university playing for hours on end after everyone else in the building had left.
But like everything else, times have changed and nothing more so than technology and in these days of GeForce 4's and 2 GigaHertz PC's, people are expecting 3000 polygons in Elaines left breast, :D JK, and music that would'nt sound out of place in an orchestral hall.
On the point of the story and gameplay in MI4, I have to agree with you though. I found the story a bit weak, and to be honest felt a little letdown by the oversimplified style of play.
Roll on MI5 with hopefully a Big improvement, until then us oldies will just have to look back on those times when the Sky was Greener and the Grass was Bluer ! ;)

08-24-2002, 12:00 AM
Well I liked EMI! I don't care what anyone thinks. Go ahead, flam me, I don't care! I remember someone on the 20th Aniversery saying that if you have no knolage of the MI searis you would like it. That scared me! I went to a friends house the other day and we played EMI for the PS2 and when we beat it he says "I loved that game!" He's an idiot too! He's also never played any MI game. All day I thought to myself "Am I stupid?" Then I say to myself "No!" It's my opinion that I like the game! If I want the game to be on my top 18 list of favorate Lucas games then it's gonna be there! I like the game! And not even George Lucas himself cant change that! :clap2: