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It is a desperate time for the Republic. The Confederation of Independent Systems, led by former Jedi Count Dooku, has been bolstered by the development of its own clone army. This army has steadily been conquering planets loyal to the Republic, enslaving their inhabitants, and causing the systems loyal to the Republic to become increasingly divided.

Concerned about this state of affairs, the Senate is debating granting unlimited emergency war power authority to vest in Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. The scope of the conflict is too great for the Republic clone army and remaining Jedi Knights to face.

Meanwhile, the Jedi Council, itself weakened by the loss of several of its members, has dispatched a Jedi Knight to the desert planet of Tatooine to request help from a former apprentice…


Obi-Wan Kenobi lands near the Lars/Skywalker homestead. He is looking for Anakin Skywalker, former Jedi Knight who left the Order a few years earlier after the discovery of his marriage by the Council. Anakin lives on Tatooine with his wife, Padme Naberrie Skywalker, also retired from public service, and his step-brother Owen Lars and his wife Beru.

Obi-Wan has dinner with members of the Skywalker and Lars families, and requests that Anakin join with him in fighting the Confederation. Obi-Wan tells him of the status of the Order and Council, and both agree that the Order is in danger of extinction. They debate the topic: Owen is opposed to Anakin leaving, Padme is in favor of him leaving to fight for the Republic, and Anakin is undecided. Owen cares very little about the affairs of the Republic; the government never cared about smaller systems like Tatooine, never cared that the planet is run by gangsters. Anakin still harbors resentment toward Yoda and Mace Windu of the Council, as he felt that they were behind him leaving the Order. Still, Anakin craves adventure; life as a moisture farmer has proven to be too boring for him. Padme cares deeply for the Republic: despite its inefficiency and corruption, it still exists as a government that allows all systems to participate in governing. After Obi-Wan tells Anakin stories of the Confederation enslaving the population of the planets it has conquered, and putting the slaves to work on its war machine, Anakin becomes convinced to go. Obi-Wan and Anakin decide to leave the next morning.

That night, Anakin and Padme talk. They are both fearful for the future, but both believe that the Republic needs Anakin’s help. Padme notices that Anakin gets very angry when he talks about Yoda and the Council. That night, Luke and Leia are conceived.

The next morning, Anakin packs up his belongings. Owen tries to convince him one last time to stay, but Anakin is resolute. He bids Padme a tearful goodbye. Padme gives him back the medallion made from the japor snippet “for luck.” Anakin and Obi-Wan take off for Coruscant.


Anakin and Obi-Wan appear before the Jedi Council, which consists of only a few members, including Yoda and Mace Windu. Anakin says or does something that increases Yoda and Mace’s concern of his susceptibility to the Dark Side. We learn that Yoda did not want to contact Skywalker at all, as he is concerned about the Prophecy coming true. Yoda was glad when Anakin left the Order, and returned to Tatooine, as he felt that, if Anakin were not involved in the conflict, he would have less opportunity to be turned to the Dark Side. Mace, recognizing the threat to the Order’s very existence and Anakin’s talents and strength in the force, had convinced Yoda that they should contact Skywalker. Obi-Wan was ambivalent in the matter, and did as the Council told him with no questions asked. The Council sends him to meet with Chancellor Palpatine. Yoda is aware that Palpatine intends to assign Anakin to a system far away from Coruscant, and is pleased with this. Yoda does not want Anakin around.

Anakin meets with Palpatine, and the two discuss the state of affairs of the war, and his assignment. Palpatine tells him how pleased he is that Anakin is joining the battle, and flatters Anakin about his piloting skills. Anakin is dispatched to the other side of the galaxy to lead a group of pilots (as part of a larger force) in retaking an important planet under Confederation control.


Anakin goes to his assignment with his space ship armada. There is a space battle at this point, and the Confederation is defeated because of Anakin’s heroics. The Republic is able to retake the planet, drive off the Confederation forces, and free the planet’s enslaved inhabitants. Because of Anakin’s major role, his reputation as a pilot begins to spread far and wide. Sidious, in a holo-communication to Dooku, and they discuss the battle that Anakin had just taken part in. Dooku remembers Anakin well from their battle in Episode II. It becomes obvious to us that both Sidious and Dooku were aware that Anakin would be involved in this battle, and that they had planned the battle. They had planned that the Republic would retake this planet, but also used this battle as a test of Anakin’s abilities.


Padme realizes that she is now pregnant. She doesn’t know where Anakin has been assigned to fight, and contacts the Council to notify Anakin. Concerned for her welfare and the welfare of the child she is carrying, the Council dispatches Obi-Wan to protect her. Mace and Yoda discuss Anakin’s attachment to Padme, and his vulnerability to the Dark Side. They decide not to tell Anakin of Padme’s pregnancy, as they are afraid that this news will cause Skywalker to return home and abandon the Republic forces. They realize that, for better or for worse, Anakin’s return to battle has increased the chances of the Republic winning the war.


In another battle planned by Sidious and Dooku, Dooku’s clone army attacks and conquers Naboo. News of this reaches Padme. She wants to go there and see if her family is safe. The Council, Owen, and Beru talk her out of it. Padme is growing increasingly fearful and sad. She speaks with the Council who decide that, for her own safety and protection, she is to be moved off of Tatooine to another planet, Alderaan. Obi-Wan and Padme arrive on Alderaan, and meet Bail Organa, a friend of Obi-Wan’s and Senator from Alderaan. Bail Organa’s wife is also pregnant and due near the same time as Padme. Padme is well-acquainted with the Organa family from her years in the Senate. She is comfortable with them, and, even though she is concerned about her home planet, is somewhat happy to be on Alderaan. After making sure that they are cared for, Bail Organa leaves to rejoin the Senate in session. When he is alone, Obi-Wan contacts Yoda and informs him that they have made it to Alderaan safely. Yoda orders Obi-Wan that he is not to tell Anakin about Padme’s pregnancy. Obi-Wan questions him, but Yoda responds “On this, all depends.”


Palpatine addresses the Senate, notifying them of the invasion and conquering of Naboo. News of this sends the Senate into a stir. He tells the Senate that they need to be united and decisive as to the conduct of the war. Palpatine states that the fractiousness in the Senate is causing them to lose the war, and that their very survival is at stake. One of the Senators addresses the floor (Toonbuck Toora, perhaps?), and suggests the creation of an enabling act, one that will give Palpatine unlimited authority to conduct the war. The Senator states that, while the war is going on, decision-making authority should be concentrated in one person’s office. The war is simply going on too many fronts, with too many decisions to be made quickly, for senate debate to be effective. Also, as the Senator observes, when Palpatine has made the decision as to where to place troops, it has resulted in a Republic victory. [This is, of course, the case: Sidious and Dooku have been coordinating the battles and pre-determining the outcomes.] There is some debate, with Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and Mon Mothma in opposition. The Senator moves for passage of en enabling act granting Palpatine unlimited wartime authority. Palpatine acts as though he’s surprised at this motion, and acts taken aback. The Senator convinces Palpatine it is for the sake of the Republic. Another Senator seconds the motion. It passes. Palpatine is enabled to conduct the war how he sees fit.


Anakin receives news of his wife’s pregnancy. He has been unable to contact Padme on Tatooine. It has now been a period of several months. He is angry that the Council did not inform him of Padme’s pregnancy. He indicates his anger to Obi-Wan, with whom he is in communication. Obi-Wan basically tells him that he is following orders by not telling him. This conversation begins to drive a wedge between Anakin and Obi-Wan. It appears that Obi-Wan’s loyalty to the Council takes precedence over his friendship with his former apprentice.

Anakin informs the Council that he is leaving his assignment to join Padme. Yoda tells him that she has been moved off Tatooine, and is being protected by Jedi. Anakin grows angry at this--why wasn’t he told? Yoda gives him an unsatisfying answer. Anakin asks where Padme is, but Yoda will not tell him. Anakin grows angry at this, is ready to leave, but Yoda is insistent that Anakin stay where he is. Yoda realizes that Anakin is too-strongly attached to Padme, that she could be his downfall, and that the prophecy could come true. Yoda breaks off the contact with Anakin.

Anakin contacts a representative of Palpatine’s office, who patches him in to Palpatine himself. Anakin tells Palpatine of the battle, and lets slip his dissatisfaction with Yoda and the Council. Palpatine, sounding sympathetic, asks him to discuss it. Anakin eventually tells him of Padme’s pregnancy, of the Council hiding her and not informing him where she is. Palpatine promises that he will find out for Anakin where Padme is and contact him immediately upon doing so.


Through a contact or spy, Palpatine finds out that Padme is on Alderaan, and being protected by Obi-Wan. In Sidious disguise, he contacts Dooku, and the two arrange for the Confederation to attack Alderaan. Palpatine wishes Alderaan to be attacked for at least two reasons, which he does not disclose to Dooku: he wants Padme to be kidnapped from Alderaan, and Alderaan is the homeworld of Bail Organa, his leading opposition in the Senate. A battle there may end Organa’s opposition in the Senate, and could lead him to support Palpatine in the war. Bail Organa is a well-respected Senator.


The main Confederation force attacks Alderaan. The Council sends most of the remaining Jedi, and Palpatine sends thousands of clones to defend Alderaan. There is an intense battle, and grievous losses for the Republic. Most of the Jedi sent are killed in battle. All of the major population centers of Alderaan are damaged if not destroyed. It is only through Obi-Wan’s fighting that the Republic wins the battle and Alderaan saved, and drives away the Confederation forces. During the fighting, it is found that a rogue Jedi Knight committed treachery against the Republic--possibly by giving secret information to the Confederation. Another possibility is that a small group of Jedi defect to Dooku’s side, to fight for their former master in establishing a government under Jedi rule. In the end, though, Padme is safe as the Confederation forces are forced off-planet and retreat.

While the battle is going on, Anakin contacts the Council, and demands to know where Padme is. Knowing that the battle is on Alderaan, and unsure if Obi-Wan himself can protect Padme, Yoda informs him that Padme is on Alderaan. Anakin tells him that he is leaving for Alderaan at once. He is frightened, as he has been aware that Alderaan has been under attack.

At that point, Palpatine contacts Anakin. Anakin tells him that he just found out where Padme is, that Yoda reluctantly told him. Palpatine tells Anakin that he is beginning to have suspicions about the Jedi council and order, and wonders aloud if they are serving the Republic’s interest or their own. Anakin states that he is not so sure of the Council’s motives himself.

Yoda informs Obi-Wan that Anakin is on his way from the other side of the galaxy. By this point, Padme is ready to give birth. Padme is very depressed, as she has not been able to see Anakin throughout her pregnancy, and that she doesn’t know if her family is alive or dead. Obi-Wan and Yoda discuss the child. Yoda tells Obi-Wan of Anakin’s behavior and susceptibility to the Dark Side and gives him reasons to hide the child. Obi-Wan discusses this with Padme. Padme loves her husband, but knows that he is prone to anger. She is also concerned about Anakin’s future, and understands what Obi-Wan is telling her. She trusts in Obi-Wan and Yoda.


Palpatine addresses the Senate. He informs them of the Battle of Alderaan, but does not tell them of Obi-Wan’s heroism in the Republic victory. Instead, he credits the Clonetroopers, and states that a Jedi Knight had committed treason against the Republic (or that a group of Jedi defected to the Confederation), which almost resulted in the Confederation defeating the Republic. He informs the Senate that the Jedi Order’s loyalty to the Republic is in doubt. After all, Count Dooku was one of the Jedi before he became disloyal to the Republic. Because of the disloyalty, the potential for future disloyalty, and because of the ability of the Clonetroopers to conduct the war, the Jedi are no longer needed, nor can they be trusted. The majority of the Senate appears to agree with Palpatine. Clonetrooper production is again increased.

Yoda and Mace are concerned as to what they have heard. Sensing their increasing marginalization, and inevitable end of the Order, Yoda decides that he will have to leave Coruscant at some point and go into hiding. It appears that the Jedi Order is lost, and Yoda knows that someday there will be another who needs training in the Force. Yoda believes that the Prophecy is in place, and there is nothing he can do to change it. Yoda can only hope that Padme bears a child, and that the child will eventually seek him out in hiding for training. The child must be kept from Anakin. Yoda and Mace also discuss Palpatine. Before this time, they had indications that Palpatine was possibly involved in other matters of which the Council was not aware or informed. Yoda suspects something fishy about Palpatine, but cannot put his finger on it. Mace, even though he realizes the futility, decides to stay on Coruscant and guide the few Jedi remaining, as well as continue to investigate Palpatine.


On Alderaan, Padme gives birth to a son whom she names Luke. Obi-Wan takes newborn Luke and leaves immediately for Tatooine. On the way to Tatooine, Obi-Wan develops engine trouble, and lands on Dagobah, the nearest planet on his trip, to make repairs. Upon fixing his ship, Obi-Wan leaves Dagobah. [Alternatively, in the course fo his journey to Tatooine, Obi-Wan is in danger of being intercepted by Confederation warships, and he chooses to hideout on Dagobah.] Obi-Wan lands on Tatooine, leaves Luke with Owen and Beru, telling them that he will return for the child. Meanwhile, unknown to Obi-Wan, Padme gives birth to a daughter whom she names Leia. Obi-Wan is gone, Padme is vulnerable, and Bail Organa, recently returned from the Senate and concerned about the direction the Republic is going in, takes the child to raise. Organa’s wife had recently suffered a miscarriage, but this information is unknown outside of the family circle. Around this point in time, Yoda leaves Coruscant, and goes to Alderaan. Finding that there were two children, that they have been taken care of, and Obi-Wan is due to return shortly, he leaves and goes into hiding on Dagobah, telling noone where he is going. Yoda and Bail Organa talk in private, and Yoda tells him not to disclose Leia’s true identity to anyone, especially Anakin. Bail Organa agrees, realizing it is for the best of the Republic.


Sidious contact Dooku and orders him to kidnap Padme Naberrie Skywalker and bring her to Coruscant. He further tells him that it must be done quickly and quietly. Dooku asks why he is to so this, and Sidious states he has something special planned for Anakin Skywalker. Further, she is due to give birth, and her child may be a threat to Palpatine and Dooku, so she needs to be taken captive. [Palpatine is unaware that Padme has already given birth.]


That night, forces loyal to Dooku kidnap Padme in the middle of the night and take her to Coruscant. Bail Organa and his already-weakened forces were unaware of this and not prepared. In the confusion, Anakin lands on Alderaan, and is told what happened. He is very angry by this news, for several reasons: the Jedi moved her off of Tatooine for her own protection, there are no Jedi here to protect her, and the Jedi had withheld news of her pregnancy and whereabouts to him. He asks about his child, and Bail Organa lies to him, telling him that Padme had not given birth before she was kidnapped. Anakin gets even angrier at this news, and has a difficult time concentrating. Obi-Wan lands on Alderaan. Anakin is angry at him, and asks him where he was. Obi-Wan informs him that he had to go off-planet by order of the Council. Obi-Wan pledges to Anakin that he will help him find Padme. He says nothing about the birth of any children. Anakin, despite his growing anger at Obi-Wan, reluctantly accepts his help.


At this point, and Dooku meet face-to-face and Sidious reveals the final stages of his plan to control the galaxy. Dooku remarks about the brilliance of Sidious’s entire plan, and they discuss merging Confederation forces into the Republic. Sidious also states that Skywalker is a powerful threat to the two of them, but could be a powerful ally if he is able to be turned. Sidious tells Palpatine that Anakin will join them or die. Padme is held under guard in a different room, and does not hear their discussion. Mace Windu, who has been investigating Palpatine, comes across this meeting, and, after a fight, is killed by Dooku with Palpatine’s assistance. Anakin and Obi-Wan land on Coruscant, go immediately to the Council, only to find the Council gone. It is Obi-Wan’s idea to split up to look for Padme. Secretly, Obi-Wan is hoping to find Padme before Anakin does, and warn her about Anakin; that he is hardly in control of himself. Anakin reluctantly agrees to split up.

Anakin goes to see Palpatine, who informs him of rumors floating around that Dooku has kidnapped Padme. Palpatine feigns concern for Padme’s well-being, and asks how he can assist. Anakin angrily discloses his disgust with the Council and Order, and Palpatine agrees with him. Palpatine tells Anakin that, through his network of spies, he had recently become aware of a scheme engineered by Yoda and Obi-Wan to keep Padme from him. Palpatine tells him that Yoda, Mace, and Obi-Wan recognize that Anakin is The Chosen One. As such, they want Padme out-of-the-way so that Anakin would serve the Council. Palpatine states that he believes, but is not sure, that the Council is secretly allied with Dooku, the former Jedi. As a result, Palpatine says, none of the three Jedi should be trusted. Anakin agrees, to some extent, with Palpatine. Anakin states that he now understands why Obi-Wan wanted to split up--so that Obi-Wan could get to Padme first. Palpatine tells him that the end of the Order is near, and that he would like Anakin to join him in guarding the Republic. Anakin is noncommittal, but interested. Palpatine dispatches Clonetroopers to assist Anakin in finding Padme.

With the assistance from the Clonetroopers and information from Palpatine’s spy network, Anakin finds Padme in Dooku’s clutches in the lowest levels of Coruscant. In the lowest levels, there is an area of volcanic activity. It is not a large area of the planet, and the lava is mostly stable. Coruscant engineers were able to contain the volcanic activity to a certain area, and planned around it in their decades of building the planet-city. Energy from the lava is harnessed and used as a power source for Coruscant. There is a short but fierce battle between Anakin’s Clonetroopers and Dooku’s clones, and only Dooku, Padme, and Anakin remain alive. Padme is shackled, gagged, and weakened from having given birth recently, and can hardly move. Dooku tempts Anakin, enticing him to join him. Dooku tells him that the end of the Jedi order is at hand, that most of the Jedi are dead. He also tells him of the fractiousness in the Senate. Dooku tells Anakin that together they can overthrow Palpatine and rule the galaxy as Jedi Knights, which is what Dooku wanted all along. Dooku always wanted the Jedi Knights to rule, and the Senate to be subservient to the Order. Dooku talks about the corruption and ineffectiveness of the Senate, and tells him that they can rid the galaxy of this pointless conflict. Anakin is not interested in ruling, and only wants to return to Tatooine with Padme. Dooku tells him that it is too late, and he is too important, for that. Dooku tells him that he would be a great Jedi if it weren’t for the “distractions”, motioning to Padme. Anakin notices that Padme is no longer pregnant and inquires about their child. Dooku states that Anakin had a son, and that the Council has taken him captive, intending on keeping him from his parents and training him. Padme somehow gets the gag off, and tells Anakin that she loves him and not to listen to Dooku, and Dooku stabs her with his lightsabre. Anakin goes to her side, and they exchange a few words. Anakin tearfully says goodbye. At this point, Anakin’s fear, rage and hate consume him. He engages his lightsabre, and he and Dooku fight. Anakin holds the upper hand at first, but Dooku surprises him, and Anakin is in danger of dying. Palpatine enters the room, and Dooku is glad to see him. Palpatine distracts Dooku long enough for Anakin to regain his strength. Anakin regains his strength and attacks Dooku. Palpatine is impressed with Anakin’s strength. Anakin, in a rage, overwhelms and kills Dooku. Palpatine states “Excellent!” By now, Anakin is trembling as he cradles Padme in his arms. Palpatine remarks that none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Obi-Wan and Yoda keeping her hidden from both of them, and reneging on their promise to protect her. Anakin agrees.

Palpatine offers to help Anakin with arrangements for Padme’s burial, but Anakin asks to be alone with her. Palpatine leaves the room, leaving Anakin with the lifeless Padme. With Dooku dead, Palpatine contacts Wilhuff Tarkin, Dooku’s second-in-command. Tarkin, knowing of Palpatine and Sidious’s plan to conquer the galaxy, pledges his clone armies to Palpatine. Palpatine tells Tarkin that he is an effective ruler, and, once the consolidation is done, will put him in a position of leadership. The Confederation forces merge with the Republic.

Palpatine addresses the Senate, and tells them of Dooku’s death and the Confederation’s surrender (a lie). Palpatine proclaims the beginning of a New Order, the Galactic Empire, and proclaims himself Emperor. There are mutterings in the Senate. Palpatine’s first act as Emperor is to condemn the Jedi Knights to die, based on their treason against the Republic. There is little opposition to this. Palpatine tells the Senators that their new duty is to administer control of their systems, all of which are now controlled by Republic forces. Most of the Senators are under Palpatine’s control, or are powerless to resist. After this meeting, Mon Mothma, Garm Bel Iblis, and Bail Organa meet in secret and begin their plans for the Alliance.

Obi-Wan comes across Anakin holding Padme’s body, crying. Anakin screams at him to get away, that it is his fault that this happened. Anakin is as angry as he is tearful. Obi-Wan is apologetic. Anakin starts to get aggressive with Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan can sense that Anakin is consumed by his fear, rage, and hate, and backs away. Anakin angrily asks Obi-Wan about Padme’s pregnancy. Obi-Wan tells him he has a son, who has been put safely into hiding. Anakin asks him where Luke is. Following Yoda’s orders, Obi-Wan refuses to tell him. To Anakin, this appears to be confirmation of what Palpatine and Dooku told him. Anakin advances toward Obi-Wan, demanding to know where Luke is. Obi-Wan, sensing Anakin’s change, tells him he cannot disclose, that the Council has ordered him not to. Anakin engages his lightsabre. Obi-Wan tells him that he does not want to fight him. Anakin says “Tell me where my son is.” Obi-Wan replies “I can’t. I’m sorry.” Anakin moves to attack Obi-Wan, who engages his lightsabre. They fight fiercely, with Obi-Wan on the defensive. Anakin fights with all of his rage, and Obi-Wan is barely able to defend himself against Anakin. During the fight, Anakin’s japor medallion falls to the ground. In the fighting, Anakin oversteps, and is parried away by Obi-Wan. Anakin slips, and is hanging on for dear life over the lava pit. Obi-Wan tries to save Anakin but cannot; Anakin falls into the pit. Obi-Wan is ashamed by this, and feels guilty. He feels directly responsible for the deaths of Padme and Anakin. He walks over to Padme’s body, places the medallion on her neck, and leaves, carrying Padme’s body.

Just after Obi-Wan leaves, Palpatine enters the area. He had sensed their battle going on, and waited for the battle to end. Through the force, Palpatine knew of Anakin’s fall into the pit. Palpatine, using the Force from a distance, protects Anakin as he is engulfed in lava. He levitates Anakin from the pit using the Force. Despite Palpatine’s protection, Anakin is badly injured and practically dead. Palpatine takes Anakin with him.


Obi-Wan takes Padme’s body to Naboo, and buries her near where her family’s house was. By this time, Naboo is an abandoned, smoldering ruin, with virtually nothing distinguishable remaining. It appears that all the Naboo and Gungans have been killed by the occupying clones, who left thereafter to join with the Republic Clonetroopers. Obi-Wan then goes to Tatooine, and tells Owen and Beru of what has taken place. He tells them that Anakin is dead, that his training has failed, and that he cannot train another Jedi. He renounces the name Obi-Wan, changing his name to Ben Kenobi. Owen and Beru keep Luke, and agree to raise him. Ben tells them that there will come a time when Luke will seek him out, and that they should let him go. Beru seems to accept this, but Owen snorts at Obi-Wan, saying that the Jedi have caused nothing but heartache for his family. Ben respectfully leaves.


Meanwhile, in the dark lower levels of Coruscant, Anakin is recovering. Anakin is hooked up to life support systems. There are multiple tubes hooked to various parts of Anakin’s body, which is covered by a blanket. We can only see the eyes of his face. There is no hair on the top of his head, which is encased in bandages. A breathing mask, looking not too different from the armor, covers Anakin’s face. Palpatine, through the use of his best surgeons and scientists, commissions the creation of a suit of armor for his apprentice. This suit of armor will perform all of the bodily functions that Anakin no longer can, and will replace Anakin’s non-functioning organs with machine replicas. [The novel will show that upon the success of the suit of armor, Palpatine has the surgeons and scientists killed afterward, so that only he knows about Vader’s creation.] At all points during Anakin’s recovery, Palpatine whispers to him tales of Obi-Wan and the Jedi betraying him, keeping Anakin’s rage burning. Palpatine tells Anakin that only his hate can save him, and the rage and hate on Anakin’s face is noticeable. As Anakin lies on the bed, recuperating, rage still in his eyes, Palpatine tells him: “Anakin Skywalker is dead, my friend. His life ended in the fiery pit. I have rescued your true self from him. You are my apprentice, and your name is now Darth Vader.” Vader nods in agreement. The armor is placed on Vader, he is removed from the machines, and takes his first few faltering steps. Palpatine hands him a lightsabre, and tells him “Together, my friend, we will exterminate the Jedi, those who are responsible for this. It has been foreseen.” Vader, with a renewed sense of purpose, replies “It will be done, my Master.”


There is a cut to Tatooine to the Lars homestead. Beru is working, while watching newborn Luke lying on his back. Luke begins to cry. Beru and Owen take note of it, with Beru saying “He hasn’t cried like this before. That’s strange.”

There is a cut to Obi-Wan meditating in the desert of the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine. The scene shows Obi-Wan staring into air with eyes wide open, a look of shock on his face…

On Alderaan, Bail Organa and his wife notice baby Leia begin to wail uncontrollably. They look at each other curiously.

Finally, there is a cut to a gigantic tree on Dagobah. The scene unfurls as we enter a cavern formed by the large roots of this tree. Inside the cavern, we notice Yoda meditating peacefully. Suddenly, Yoda begins to shake as though having a nightmare. He stops shaking. Yoda opens his eyes wide and says “No….”


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Sounds cool but I don't buy it. Talk about a story taking, "the path of least resistance". :D


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