View Full Version : SW galaxies being a Jedi will be a lot like winning the lottery(I fear for the worst)

05-24-2002, 06:52 AM
Fromwhat I can tell Sw galaxies will be one hell of a good looking game with possibly gameplay to rival my current fav soon to be released MMROPG Neocron.

some people love the SW universe... with or without Jedi they want to be in it. to live it... I applaud these people.

But what about Jedi lovers like myself, and I'm sure at least 50% of the people on this forum, and possibly 70% of the SW fans in general?

In SW galaies aparently being a Jedi will be VERY hard to do. you can't start as an aprentice or some other lame nonsense like in EQ. this was done to keep the number of jdei on the servers down since they want the universe to play and feel authentic (trust me if you ran into as many jedi as you do in JKII in SW galaxies I think your fun might be spoiled in some ways, especialy when the jedi talks in L37t speak and griefs you or something...

However, only 3-5% of the speculated population on any server will likely be Jedi. this will be supposedly one part in game mechanics, and one part GM control.

aparently ANYONE can be a jedi, but becoming one is so hard/almost random that only one in 300 or so will be jedi on any server. 1 in 300!

No you can't do it by power leveling, or anything like that like you can do in EQ. However there are super quests you must accomplish (by super quests, I mean quests taking 10 hours or more each).

these quests make sense to me at least. However, aparently how you get the quests is different for everyone. No two jedi will have the same quests, and much of it is created by the admins/GM's.

Thus though we all have the chance to be one, it;s just like the lottery... we all have a chance to win it... but only one in a million gets it all.

No you won't see a popup window while playing one day saying your name was drawn out of a hat, poof your now able to do the Jedi quests...

but it might as well be like this if it goes with how the people in the know are talking...

I'm not sure how to approach this however.

One huge partof me is like: HELL YEAH MAKE IT SO JEDI HAVE TO REALLY EARN IT! this way idiots (similar to assfighters in JKII:MP) won't be jedi just cuz they power leveled, or hunted for six years straight and got to level 60.

this means it will be a nice role playing atmosphere... WOOHOO!!!

Downside: people worthy of being jedi will never really get that "chance" due to limited playing time (which they say won't be the case, but I'm sure it will be even if in a hidden way we dont ever see), or other similar situations.

Personaly I don't have the patience to spend more than 10 bucks a month every month hoping one day I can pretend to be a Jedi on some virtual world in a galaxy far far away...

I can do that in JKII...

Or even better, with my prop lightsaber and some friends. the only real difference is one is physically active with no eye candy, the other is all eye candy with no physical activity... I prefer the former for the most part if I had a choice on it (when all your friends work or are in college and your the only one with the prop lightsaber, paying SW live action can suck big time LOL i could of course dress my cat up as vader and chase her around the house with my prop saber, but then I would be thrown in the funny farm for sure!) :lsduel:--->meow! whack SPIT, SCREATCH! BANG CRASH THUMP THUMP THUMP!!!

anyway On the bright side, If I get the game I will make a serious attempt at becoming a Jedi. It sounds like a balst if you can get it to happen (it's a long series of dynamic quests like I said, and the quest sounds almost as cool as being a jedi).

Once you are Jedi it seems to be very cool also... but don't just take it from me... go look up elsewhere on the lucas forums, for info on the Jedi class in SWG. If it wasn't only 3-5% of the server that could be lucky enough to be Jedi, I would be reserving a spot on the beta testing servers ASAP.

Oh theres a scary thought... of those 90-150 jedi per server, just how many of them will be beta testers who somehow where given rewards simply for beta testing (Ie what if the 90-150 slots are already close to being filled due to admins handing out favors hmmmm? sounds like trouble to me.)

Oh well... thats all I suppose this thread can be called a rant, but I think of it more like an editorial. one I hope somebody found amusing or interesting. and either inspired them to try SWG, or helped them realise that if all you want to be is a Jedi then to just keep playing JKII, and to play SWG only if you have no life (Ie lots of spare time not meant as an insult), or like endless hours of tedious gaming hoping to one day win the lottery...

Basically if you are getting SWG just to be a Jedi in the game, I would recomend that you find something else about the SWG game that sounds like fun too, because most people won't be jedi, not matter how hard they try... Me? I dunno... I will just play it, and if when my free month is up I haven't found somehting fun about it besides hoping to be a Jedi I will be long gone... (IE fun adventures, which make me feel I might be one step closer to my goals of being a Jedi, or at least really fun adventures.).

anyway thats all... feel free to post your point of view... I am not inviting flames, nor should anything I said be taken as gospel. I'm sure somebody will misread my intentions of this thread, and figure I am claiming SWG will suck, or something else equaly as silly... So Please understand I probably will not be rephreasing myself or defending myself this time at least. If you want more info about the game from the horses mouths (well at least the next best thing to the horses mouth) look it up online...

till next time this is your friendly neighborhood jedi wannabe, saying godnight.

05-24-2002, 07:20 AM
I plan on getting SWG definately. If I become a Jedi that'd be a GREAT perk, but if not I'd try to be a slicer or something :) The only thing I worry about the Jedi system is that ppl will create and delete characters over again until they find one with Jedi potential. If people are nutty enough to ditch their entire life & work in shifts with people to build ep an EQ character you know they'd do that. :(

05-24-2002, 07:46 AM
I can imagine that if it is something partialy determined at creation (I doubt this though), that many people will be playing and restarting a LOT.

However I don't think it's just done by who gets lucky durring creation. there is a system for earning your saber so to speak.

It involves both being in the right place at the right time, and role playing, even if your not role playing in chat, I mean role playing as in "If I wanted to be a Jedi, how woudl I act to ensure I beomce one?" or "What would a Jedi do?"


"Ok if I kill this mob x mores times I will be force sensitive, then maybe I can getthe quest..."

i would quite the places I got this info from, but my photographic memory isn't really photographic, it's more situational heheh. anyway the point I'm trying to get across is, the is no stat, or creation process you can perform to really help you become a Jedi. No mob to beat that is the same for everyone and more.

The Jedi entrance quests are dynamic. It is said that NO two jedi will have the same experiences in becoming a Jedi. IE the quests (yes quests) you need to perform to be a full fledged Jedi will be different for each person. the theme might be the same, like you need to find X number of holocrons, by doing XYZ.

XYZ will be random in some way or rewritten every day by admins so it will never be the same quest. I also think they mentioned Gm's will likely take a direct role in some of these quests... Not that they will be monitoring you, but that they will run events for you and you alone. (don't qoute me on that).

All in all It sounds great except for the chances of even getting close to being a jedi suck hairy moose nuts...

I would be happier if they changes the chances from 3-5% to 10-15, MAYBE 20% of the server population... thats still very rare when you think about it (20% of 3000 people is only 600 possible jedi at MOST and most of them won't be on at the same times).

What happens when the 3-5% slots are full? Sure they will be in a constant state of flux, but what about 4 years from now? all the servers will have thier Jedi. Meaning unless they up the percentage or make new servers, new players are SOL.

anyway I just thought of somehting else...

You know how on EQ you can have a level 50+ character and sell it or occasionaly it's items for real cash? Illegal yes it is, but is it done? ALL THE TIME! Met two in EQ on my main characters server... Heck I have hearn a few times while hunting and a train was being pulled to zone one of the more humorous players shout to the zone: "Newbies and Ebayers run for your lives!!!
train to zone line!"

Now since it's safe to say thjis kind of thing will happen again, or at least could... Heck even if it doesn't when considering how rare a Jedi character would be to achieve, I bet you that the price on ebay for a Jedi account would be astronomical even when compared to just about any other EQ weapon or character acheivement. Now thats what I call funny LOL

anyway another thing I like about the Jedi class though is you can have it taken away from you... Not sure exactly how this works (and nobody is really talking about it I don't think), but first off you will hunted down for the rest of that characters life, so long as they are a Jedi. even vader and boba fett will be hunting you!

Other players will be hunting you if vader or the empire catches wind of you. IE players can be real bounty hunters hunting player jedi for cash, or fame (obviously if them make Jedi an UBER class and not balanced with the other this WOULD be worthy of claiming bragging rights, and would also fit the setting)

I speculate that the Jedi class will be almost like being a game admin without HAVINg to conform to the rules of the server. IE, an admin can kill you easy since their avatars are super UBER, or at least have insta kill type commands... Now sure Jedi won't have an insta kill, but I think of it this way. It would be like having a level 60 EQ character in a EQ game that allows a max level rank of normal characters to be like 45 or so. IE I think since being a Jedi will be so rare, one of the good things is, being one is worth the effort in terms of character potential.

every guild/clan will want at least one jedi in thier ranks, and raiding parties will be scraping at your feet for you to join them.


also it seems like I said you must keep your identy a secret or you will be hunted down.

Now to me thats not so bad. I get hunted down, I get killed I respawn end of problem. But I think what this means is you get a worse faction than anyone else can get, and now mobs will actively seek you out wherever you go just about. Maybe causing random spawns of boba fett or maybe even Vader in the zone to come kill you, there's a chance you'll win, but most likely you will need to escape.

So what will be the cost of being caught/killed? Lose some of your abilities, or experience? Make this type of kill hurt your Jedi abilities in ways dying normaly wouldn't?

Honestly this kind of gameplay sounds INTENSELY COOL! the only thing that would be better was if this was a FPS MMROPG of some kind, like mix JKII, and SWG you know? but it's not, but still the role playing potential is immense!

Thus making being a Jedi even more of a delight, and somehting I for one would even be willing to make and delete character after character in the hopes of one day hitting the right combo that spawns the quests... but as I said I don't think it will work like this... oh well I guess I better just go make sure I am still a member of ebay so I can buy a jedi account LOL J/K

05-24-2002, 07:52 AM
I would guess that you won't be able to keep on reregistering. Remember you need a credit card. If you have more than one, they still have your IP address. If that changes they are your name and address from you credit card which has to be real as it's for billing you.

I do expect to see Jedi Characters being sold on ebay. Christ, you could find toe nail clippings there if you wanted them.

05-24-2002, 11:20 AM
Whose toenail clippings?


I wanna start my own Clonetroopers....
If it's anyone good, I can use the clippings as a DNA base.

Apropos the above post, I wonder how much your average Jedi is worth?

(oh, the above was supposed to be a joke, in case anyone thought you could SERIOUSLY clone from toenails. You need an unfertilized ova with the nucleus removed (ie no chromosomes) and at least one live donor body cell, preferably as "average" as possible...then add a couple of million in equipment and lab time and you MIGHT be able to fertilize your egg...then you just need to find a support system for a womb (aka a WOMAN) willing to carry it to term)

05-24-2002, 08:10 PM
I played EQ off and on for about two years, from week ONE. I've had multiple characters and played on a couple servers, though never nearly as high as my mains on my main server.

I never ONCE was a part of a gm run event, other then GMs taking control of over powered MOBs and slaughtering everything in the noob zones.

"Becoming a Jedi will be dynamic"


-pause for breath-



Never believe ANY company that says their game will be Dynamic. They are lieing out of their ass. EQ, Asherons Call, Anarchy Online, DAoC...I've played 'em all...NONE of them are dynamic.

Everyone should be able to pick a Jedi from the start. Just make it so hard that 97% of the population washes out. Make it so they are KoS to 95% of the monsters/npcs in the game and make a specific character class that can legally PLAYER KILL Jedis to earn rewards.

That will keep the population down. I really like the way Horizons is planning on implementing DRAGONS in their MMORPG. Now everyone is going to want to play a dragon, but people will find out that when they start their dragon, its just a little baby dragon that has no flame breath, cannot fly, does not even have good armor. It has NO equipable slots, and can carry a VERY limited amount of items. It takes months of REAL TIME to get a dragon to mature to the point that its wings can be used for more then gliding, and even longer before it can use its flame breath. It will find many other difficulties along its path.

Along its long path it will also encounter bands of players who will HUNT the dragon for its body parts, which are used to make POWERFUL spell reagents. Players from younger races such as orcs or goblins that can become powerful and mature MUCH faster then a dragon will be among these hunters.

However, a player that sticks with his dragon through all this, will be rewarded with an ANCIENT DRAGON, a being so powerful it can take on any character of any type in One on One and win.


05-24-2002, 09:38 PM
I hope your right OOO, I too play EQ, DAOC, and will be playing neocron when that comes out... Daoc had high hopes for me, but I am canceling my subscription sooner or later since I am low on cash and oddly EQ is more fun for me these days (just made SK officer in my guild of Dark Faith on Errolisi marr)

anyway See the way you describe being a Jedi should be, sounds great. IE something you can set out to become, but make it so that casual jedi will never make it. And only people who really like it can.

However from what I read they are discouraging even THESE kinds of people. I mean if being a jedi is just hard in terms of game mechanics, then the same mentality that causes Power Leveling and ebay characters will ensure that there will be plenty of Jedi roaming around, the problem though will be only these people will be Jedi.

I dunno... honestly I am worried... I will probably wait a few months after the game comes out and start doing research on what people are saying about becoming a Jedi. By then someone will have made it, or at least is on the right track.

That way i can decide for sure if it's worth trying in the end.

however what is drawing me to the game so far? The graphics (top notch looking so far, blows Everquest, DAOC, and NeOCRON out of the water), the seemingly huge importance role playing has on how this game was made (it's not just running around hunting mobs I don't think... though that will be in there, supposedly the game universe is enourmous, and they are trying to set it up as a beleiveable universe...)

I mean 8 planets minimum from day one?? Space ships you can get with a patch a few months later for personal travel between planets? each one with as many zones/ as huge as all of everquest?

Anyway it's stuff like this that is enticing me to at least give SWG a gung ho try, Jedi or not. It stil lsounds like a good way to pass some time :)

05-24-2002, 09:50 PM
Originally posted by NerfYoda
The only thing I worry about the Jedi system is that ppl will create and delete characters over again until they find one with Jedi potential.

I can tell you now, that isnt gonna happen. I've thought about that and research tendss to point that you need to build a number of skills before you become "sensitive" to the force.

aparently ANYONE can be a jedi, but becoming one is so hard/almost random that only one in 300 or so will be jedi on any server. 1 in 300!

well on a more better perspective, imagine a server with 2000 people (ala EQ), now only 8-10 of those people will be a Jedi. That is how rare they will be. So what is the next best thing that can stand up to a Jedi?

You guess it, and expect a lot of them.

Olin Valden
05-24-2002, 10:14 PM
Hehehe a Wookie Jedi!!

Actually I'm going to be a White Wookie Bounty Hunter.

I do have a question though, What Era is it in?

05-24-2002, 11:23 PM
I want galaxies to work....very badly. I'd love to play a good star wars themed MMORPG. I'm really hoping that Verant will remember mistakes its made in the past and fix them. I hate EQ now (with almost a passion) but it was a great game with allot of fun things to do for a good while. Verant has plenty of bought knowledge on their side about the genre so maybe they can pull it off. I'll wait a few months and see myself, and take anything the company says about it game with a very liberal pinch of salt ;)


05-24-2002, 11:25 PM
I do have a question though, What Era is it in?

As far as I know it takes place between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Also, Vader-Fet-Emperor-Luke and other will all be in the game, but will not be the 'ubber' mobs to kill for the best equipment ala dragons in EQ. As far as I know they won't be killable as that would mess up the timeline and all.


05-25-2002, 12:13 AM
this i agree sucks but they are saying that everyone WILL get a chance so its going to ge something like "oops that was your chance damnit well to bad you can ever be jedi sry"

05-25-2002, 06:25 AM
Personally would rather be a mercenary than a Jedi or Sith...
Who ever has the most cash will be in my good books!!

05-25-2002, 06:41 AM
As for being hunted down :) thatsh wy you affiliate your self with a faction. be a big wig in the imperial army.. and unless hell on your enemys.. be a general *hopes this is possible* they f with you... just make a request to the empire to lend support. *grins* thats what iplan on doing.. I ahve to pratice my lines * you rebel scum*

05-25-2002, 06:43 AM
Also... you can fight vader.. but he will be soo powerful you would just be wasting your time

05-25-2002, 06:44 AM
Also, forget about a jedi being rare.. you can apperntly get mandalorian armor But that is extreamly rare
you would need a jedi to find that : )its

Ten Tigers
05-25-2002, 07:05 AM
If this is the way it's gonna be, I will not be a part of SG.

Im not paying $50 for software + 10-20$ a month just to be a beotch. No Jedi/ No Mandalorian armor? No money. It's that simple. I already get all this from JO.

I hope OOO is right. Otherwise they can suck my d!ck...

Even Everquest lets you be a magic user right off the bat...

05-25-2002, 02:37 PM
Think that being a jedi would rock?I would rather be a exotic charecter like a bounty hunter. You can drive AT-AT or AT-ST I think or, when the expansion comes out, you can fly in space driving in a X-Wing or who knows.