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05-24-2002, 10:36 AM
Anyone else think of this?

The whole thing with the Prophecy about Anakin being the one to bring balance to the Force, has anyone thought that right now it is the LIGHT side that is OUT of balance?

The Sith have been hunted nearly to extinction, and the Galaxy is all nice and good and being protected by the light-side Jedi...

The Force has a LIGHT and a DARK side, yin and yang, good and bad, whatever you want to call it. Light can't exist without Dark and vice versa.

So with the Universe all nice and good, the Force is out of balance. Anakin is SUPPOSED to bring down the light Jedi, as part of the prophecy! That's the kind of balance he's going to achieve, and he does it by wiping out BOTH sides, Sith AND Jedi.

There's Yoda left.
Ben Kenobi.
Darth Vader.
Emperor Palpatine.

Pretty balanced, if you ask me.

Luke and Leia are born later, then you get into the wealth of books, comics etc that came after ROTJ.

Why did Palpatine have Vader wipe out the rest of the Sith? He's a paranoid bastard, that's why...wanted to get rid of any competition.

05-24-2002, 11:31 AM
Palpatine had Vader do NO killing of other Sith, there were only the two, has been explained in EU that 2000 years ago that Darth Bane started the "2 Sith" rule, after the Sith basically went nuts on themselves, by benig greedy and power hungry to get higher in the Sith order.
Vader did the Jedi Purge, killing off everyone except the ones he couldn't find, Yoda and Obi-Wan. The Jedi did not hunt the Sith, they did it with their own stupidity, the things that are what the Sith are known for, is why they self destructed.

I think GL has described that Balance in the Force was basically to have light side only, that the Dark Side was why the Force was out of balance. That there can be no balance if there is evil, or darkness in the Force. That the smallest trace of the use of Dark Side powers takes the Force out of balance.

05-24-2002, 11:46 AM
now my turn ... isnt luke supposed to be more powerful than vader (im sure i heard that said sumwhere)

new theory:

all things create the force yes? so lets assume the force is a big flat plain ... all things add to it all things use it to live ... this is balance

jedi sith and all other force cultures make spikes in this plain as they drag the force toward them (be them up or down) this is unbalanced ...

so maybe anakins job was to remove all force users and he just simply ... failed

"always in motion is the future" - Yoda (prolly said differently)

so a prophecy may not be correct

also (and finally) u all assume anakin knew what his job was ... maybe he doesnt have the intention of balancing he just does it by accident ... (or not as my theory states) theres no reason hed know he has to bring balance to the force

well thats my bit done! i hope it makes sense

think einsteins theory of the galaxy and gravity ....or that simpsons episode with the hole behind the bookshelf

Hey You THERE !!

thats what i said in a former thread .... not all of its relevant but i feel it should be given thought .... GL is the god of star wars
(wipes brown stuff off nose) but he hasnt said what balance to the force is .... hes left it to us to speculate

05-24-2002, 11:47 AM
i've had many a discussion about what 'balancing' the force means with my friends, and frankly we cannot come to a conclusion.
Do they mean 'balanced' as in the # of Light side Jedis equal the # of Dark sides?
But then why are all the Sith apparently destroyed in Return of the Jedi? (ie. emperor, and vader is converted back to light)? That would mean there are more light then dark...

I have an interview with G. Lucas on tape where he says, Vader will bring balance to the force by killing the emperor (or something like that)...
so yeah, what do they mean?!

05-24-2002, 11:49 AM
also the "prophecy" ..... could be wrong

remember nostra damus (sp?)

05-24-2002, 11:55 AM
actually tempest8008, u r correct in a way~ u see, wat i tink is this:

when in RotJ, yoda died and all that was left is just luke and leia who i tink during that time didnt even qualify as jedi knight... thus the real force users were vader and palpatine.... and if using ur method of weighing light and dark side, it would b obvious that the dark side out-weighs the light side.... so i think the prophecy refers to anakin skywalker restoring balance to the Force by killing the emperor....:D

who agrees with me? or are there other suggestions?:)

05-24-2002, 12:04 PM
No one assumes Anakin knows what he is to do to balance the Force, or at least I don't anyway.

We never say it is a deliberate act that he does fulfil the prophecy, he has no idea that when he throws the Emperor down the shaft into the reactor that he was bringing balance to the Force, he was saving his son.

By what we have seen in the last 5 movies is that there is two sides to every story, that the Sith seem so confident in their foresight, whilst the Jedi only use it as a guide to what may happen.
Yoda says that the future is full of emotion, that is why it is uncertain, when Luke sees Han and Leia in trouble, whilst on Dagobah.
The Sith always say that things are progressing as they have foreseen, ie Luke coming onto the Death Star II, Palpatine and the Clone Wars, etc.

So, it really depends on whether you see the glass half full or half empty as to what the foresight offered by the Force really means!!

05-24-2002, 02:25 PM
Originally posted by BCanr2d2
.... I think GL has described that Balance in the Force was basically to have light side only, that the Dark Side was why the Force was out of balance. That there can be no balance if there is evil, or darkness in the Force. That the smallest trace of the use of Dark Side powers takes the Force out of balance.

Hmmm, I recall from the movies (Qui-Gon and Yoda said so) that the Force is an energy field created by all living things.

To me that implies that life and death ARE the Force. Once again, Light and Dark (light being life, and good, dark being death, and bad).

Nothing that lives is forever, all life eventually dies, it is part of the natural cycle. IMO, the Dark side of the Force is the Force of Death, not just lack of life, but anti-life. It hates life, as much as life loves the living.

I love this kind of duality, if you read your philosophy the tension between life and death can be considered what we call existence.

Everyone seems to be looking for a winner, a final showdown between light and dark that will decide things for all time...that will never happen. There will ALWAYS be those who use the Force for Good, and always those who will use it for Evil. That is why the Dark side is considered "easier"...destruction is always simpler than creation. What is harder to do? Build a house of cards or wreck a house of cards?

That's why I feel Anakin is bringing 'balance' to the Force, he is equalling the number of the living to how many should be dead; the Galaxy has had a "golden age" for way too long, and now destruction and death will have it's time.

Prophecy is always a slippery fish, it just depends on how you interpret it.

'He comes, Apocaclypse, destroyer of worlds, and he rides a pale horse, name'd Death' <=====massively paraphrasing.

AOTC Spoiler
Anakin slipped WAAAY over into the Dark side when he annihilated that village of Sandpeople. He was definately anti-life there...and that is one slippery slope.