View Full Version : I need some help from all you Expanded Universe buffs...(Ord Mantell)

Ten Tigers
05-25-2002, 02:02 AM
What can you tell me about the planet Ord Mantell?

I heard it is some kind of junk planet, or a recycling planet. But I cannot confirm this. Has Ort Mantell been covered in any books?

Is it a moon or a planet?

What is it's commerce base? IS it a junk/recycling planet?

What political power controls it? I would assume the Empire.

Or did the rebels ever use it as one of their secret bases?

Any usefull input is appreciated.

And lastly is there any websites that have information on EU planets? I would also like to know more about Nar Shadda. Im interested in the Hutt's homeworld too...

But my main inquiry for the time being is about Ord Mantell...

05-25-2002, 07:57 AM
Ord mantell

this planet is only documented in the shadows of the empire book and game , it is controlled by the empire at this time but is also a good hideout for bounty hunters eg dash rendar runs into ig-88 in the junkyard battle in the game . rouge squadron also run into imperial entanglements while covering dash while he is on the surface. That is all i really know sorry i cant be much more help dude

Homosexual Ewok
05-25-2002, 08:03 AM

Go to the bottom right corner and enter Ord Mantell in the search box. You will get plenty of results. It has been covered in the comics several times; it even goes back as far as the old newspaper strips. Like anything in the EU, you will get a few different versions depending on what authors work you read.