View Full Version : "Chickens" on Tatooine

Dave Maul
07-09-2000, 12:10 PM
You know those small brown chicken creatures on the Naboo Swamp level? Look closely on the movie, and you'll see Jabba The Hutt knock a small version off his balcony during the Podrace.

Dave Maul

07-09-2000, 03:15 PM
Oh yeah! Now that i think about the things i hacked up in the Naboo Swamps, look just like the little thing Jabba knocked off the edge of his palace. Good job on finding that http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/smile.gif.

Commander 598
07-09-2000, 04:08 PM
I knew that.It probably snuck aboard the queens ship and got off.I think its name is Nuna.

I like to defeat my opponents the old fashioned way...Brutaly

07-10-2000, 05:46 AM
WHOOOO BOY you shoulda seen me when we saw a 'in-progress' version of the film about four months before release. We saw those Nunas in Jabba's box, and I about went nuts. We had already built the Swamp level with the Nunas, and then we see them in Jabba's box. Since these things happen, I thought that ILM had decided to ax the swamp versions, and just keep the Jabba's box version. (The swamp version wasn't seen at ALL in the version we saw.) I thought we would have to re-do the swamp level sans Nunas...then a few days later we got word from the Ranch that they were just using the Nuna model twice; the ones in Jabba's box are much smaller than the 2-foot tall ones we see in the Swamp.