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Zathu Koon
07-11-2000, 05:40 PM
yo, im new here and i wanna know what places i can get the sheild generator that was menchioned in the instruction manuali know it exsists cause i saw it in a screen shot when i was getting the game and have looked everywhere cand can not find one, where so i get them? (not that i need it i use the razor1911 trainer and know all the cheats and hve beatin the game numbers of times) so a list of places or somethin would help

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Dave Maul
07-11-2000, 05:50 PM
On the Escape from Theed level, go to the soldier who asks you for some water. Go down the little path by the bridge, and follow it to a small room with some water and an energy shield. However, you cannot speak to the man with the shield active.

Hope this helps you. Welcome to the forums.

Dave Maul

Saesee Tom
07-12-2000, 03:45 PM
Nice to hear from you!