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Commander 598
07-18-2000, 12:26 AM
Joe Joe is gone!!!!!!!
Time to get drunk and pass out. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif

Ecuse me...
http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif

Mission Accepted...

Master Qui-Gon
07-18-2000, 12:45 PM
<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1">You're "ecused."

Jedi Knight Who Says, "Ni!"
Master Qui-Gon, Minister of Silly Walks
The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.

Saesee Tom
07-18-2000, 02:55 PM
Mmmm...no Joe! (gargle) :happy:

Matt Kenobi
07-18-2000, 04:02 PM
i'm only in if i can get a designated driver, AAHHHH, i'll just walk home,

Gulp, Gulp, Gulp

Dave Maul
07-18-2000, 04:26 PM
Ahh, I don't know. The last time I drank too much, my body froze up and I ended up in a window display at Pizza Hut.

Aw, what the hell! I'm in!

*chug chug chug*

Dave Maul

Dave Maul
07-18-2000, 04:33 PM
Oh, no...It's happening again.


Aw, man...Hello? Somebody? A little help?

Dave Maul

Master Qui-Gon
07-18-2000, 05:38 PM
<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1">Never drink American beer.

07-18-2000, 06:49 PM
Well, I'm in too, but only if I get Mountain Dew. I will never touch any kind of alcholic beverage in my entire life, but I will belch.

<font size=100><font color=lime>*BURP!*
<font size=2><font color=white> Excuse me. http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif http://www.jediknight.net/mboard/biggrin.gif

I need some Ideas for a new sig.

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Pedro The Hutt
07-18-2000, 08:16 PM
Now there's a lesson.
remember kids (& adults). If you want to burp, don't drink beer, instead, drink a whole pak of Coke (Coca-cola, not the drugs) in one go and let the gasses flow out of you're stomache.
Hmmmm... I'm CRAZY!

I am your father.

Master Qui-Gon
07-18-2000, 08:39 PM
<font face="BernardMod BT"><font color="green1">Pedro, have you been getting into the mushrooms again?

Jedi Knight Who Says, "Ni!"