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05-27-2002, 04:49 PM
I have a couple of - probably stupid - questions about official information sources for StarWars.

A lot of things are discussed on these forums and people come up with all kinds of information where I sometimes wonder where they got it from.

Now, I understand that the only real official sources are the movies. Apart from that, there is the Expanded Universe (EU) which is basically StarWars Universe-based fiction written by various authors. This however is not neccessarily canon with the movies and events coming up in Episode III are likely to differ from what is written in the EU books.

Another official source is starwars.com.

Still I get the feeling that there must be some more sources that are way more deatiled than the movies. For instance, people make a huge fuss about Boba Fett being all that famous although he has rather short appearances in the movies (Ep4-6). Also Mace Windu is always referred to as the swordmaster of the Jedi, the third most powerful Jedi of all times and so on. His appearances in Ep1-2 are quite cool but nowhere he is being set up as like "THE most powerful swordsman of the Jedi".
So where can this information be found?

Are there maybe official books that are really canon? I just yesterday bought the "official" novel of Episode II (haven't start reading it though :) ), is that canon? Is everything in there according to what Lucas meant to say? I also somewhere read something about the scripts to the movies containing additional information. Are these scripts available in stores?

Can we maybe make this post a collection of StarWars resources?

I should like you to ask to post all kinds of resources you know, may be with an "officialty rating" like that:

The StarWars Movies: 100% official

05-27-2002, 11:59 PM
I think it's just people BSing about their favoriate characters. I don't think Lucas or any one else has offically stated that Mace was the third best jedi ever. (However, I think Boba is stated in the OT books to being the CURRENT best bounty hunter in the known universe, not the best EVER.)

If you're wondering about additional information about the OT, I suggest you read the book versions of the OT. I believe they were all written by Lucas directly (I don't remember for sure) and have addition useful information (such as mentioning the Anakin vs. Obi lava pit fight.)

Now the PT books I'm not so sure about....They aren't written by Lucas so for the most part I'd consider them total BS. But, I haven't read them so I don't know for sure. :)