View Full Version : Lucas Arts /Raven And Star Wars JK2

05-27-2002, 11:51 PM
I don't know if anybosy else thinks this as well but I think this game (JK2) not only has game od the year but if there was a award game od the century. I'll admit I really never played quake at ll but since it was used to build this game I love it.

Think about in exactly a few hours (9:51 pm 5/27/02) this game will have been only 2 months old. There has been 3 other single player missions adden (ladder, base, the demo) more characters than any one reallu wants to add to their computer) almost any character from the movies or beyond has been added.

Wait the biggest news I've seen so far is the recreation of Dark Forces and the creation of the single player game the hunted with the infamous starwars bounty hunter. ( I hope those are finished soon I can't wait to play it them). There's a whole lot more that I would love to add but I'll be typing all night. (opps forgot about the lastest news of E3 Z-Box and Game Cube I don't think they'll have the privallages of the PC though with all of the mods.)

But If lucas arts and Raven wanted to add more to the game just keep on bringing it on. do recreate the game just give us a new story line make it good, long and somewhat difficult and bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Icezain:p :D :D