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05-28-2002, 02:43 PM
I'm starting the planification of an "experience mod for JK2: JO". The goal of this MOD would be to add some RPG features to JK2. For instance the main important change would be that instead of 3 levels per force, there will be many many more, which will improve through experience. Something along the lines of the more you kill, the stronger you become. The idea is also to turn the player into a true jedi by letting him use the saber only and eventually letting him choose what side of the force to be in. No maps or new models will be added at first, but after the first release of the MOD is done it should be pretty easy to create maps it.

Right now I'm looking for suggestions for the mod, and maybe an idea or two at what can be done until Raven releases (let's hope they will) the SP SDK...


05-28-2002, 08:01 PM
Encouraging killing seems incredibly.... anit-Jedi. But I suppose there would be no other options if you want levels...

05-28-2002, 08:52 PM
Well, yes... a Jedi shouldn't be encouraged to kill people...

The idea of the whole mod, however is not "kill to improve yourself" but more like "you have to fight the bad guys, and by fighting, you gain experience". In other words the target of your character is stop the bad guys, and improving his skills is like an extra. And anyway, you can't get skillfull at something if you never do it...

The good thing about this mod is that you just keep improving on and on. The thing I didn't like about Jedi Outcast's story is that in the final fight ** spoiler ahead ** you have no chance of being stronger or even equal to Desann... meaning that even after killing Desann I still thought he was far stronger than me.

Imagine how you'd feel if after several attempts at killing him you finally got better... plus this would allow for a really nice list of really bad guys.


Other ideas I had were along the lines of eliminating some force powers and leave only those seen in the film. The changes I have in mind are:

1 - Leave only: thunder (dark), pull, push, speed, force jump and probably heal (light) or another light force power. All of them would be pretty useless against a sith fighter, unless he is of a much lower level. I like several of the ideas I read about Jedis of the old Republic about force... mainly the one about being careful on when to use the force.

2 - Have an RPG like world, where you can go to some safe places (like the jedi temple). I was also thinking it would be good to make it non linear so that you could get missions at the safe levels and then head out to complete them. Missions would come out according to your level.

3 - Jedis can't use weapons.

Of course, I've yet to see if Raven decides to release the SP SDK, and even then, how feasible it is to implement such changes in the engine. Each one of these 3 points, anyway, is just a basic idea on how things could be, so they could eventually change.


05-29-2002, 12:00 AM
As I see it, the simplest way to do this would be to assocaite a good/evil tag... and this can change... so if you kill someone evil, then light side powers improve, you kill everything in a level and dark improve. Just an idea, gotta go, just a quick thought.

-Dranore (a.k.a. Tarjin Quai)