View Full Version : Help with Jedi Robes!!!!

Quite Jedi
05-28-2002, 03:23 PM
I have decided to undertake the jedi robe models under my wing. There are no screens as of yet but questions.
I was browsing threw the models in the assets0.pk3 and found my little friend the ugnaught. This is the small creature that freezes solo in that carbonate stuff. Anyway he wears clothing that comes down to his ankles! This is what I need! Im thinking... I know this model is smaller ingame but I read something about MP making models all the same size automatically, in the yoda thread. I thought hmmmm, this could work. Maybe if I took the ugnaughts body and added the reborn hood onto it and re-scaled it, I would have something that would look like a Jedi wearing his robes?? I got milkshape but its really poor and wont let me register, which means that I cant open .glm files, or save them. Could some be willing to make this model for me, as the wireframes are already there? Would it work? Im a bit of a noob to modeling, but thats because my DUMB milkshape is gay!