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05-28-2002, 03:43 PM
Force Lighting
Force annul

Force lightning Okay in ep2 force lighting could be blocked by a light saber that was cool. Also it was a lot less spread and more powerful like when it hit Anakin he flew back and hit the wall

Force annul what yoda used in ep2 when dooku fired the lighting at him he absorbed it and fired it back this is a force power with have actually seen so should it be in the game I think so ? This is how I think it should work

Level 1: turns around force grip and lighting taking same amount of force.
Level 2:Turns around force Lightning and force grip using 50% less force.
Level 3: Turns around force Lightning and force grip using only force to activate.

Our maybe adding an effect to absorb where you do the force power back increasing its force cost because of extra ability

Could anyone make it?
What do you guys think?

Thanks jules