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08-04-2000, 05:57 PM

Has anybody seen the DKB Server over on the MotS JediBoard? You can check on it using Qtracker.

However I tried to join and noticed that the game (playing Spaceport) had been "hacked" (ie: the level messed up by cheats).

Thankfully the person who posted the game (who wasn't playing the level) posted their email on JediBoard to be contacted. I sent them a message..

Anyhow, this is what I recommend if you choose to setup an (almost) dedicated server for JK/MOTS:

1) Realize that Windows9X leaks memory over time, so it can't be kept up forever. Eventually, you will need to restart Windows and put the game back up.

2) Don't run ICQ or any other memory intensive program in the background, which will only further deplete your system resources and possibly make the game crash over time.

3) Set a SCORE LIMIT and TIME LIMIT. This way if somebody messes with the level, it will be overwritten when the map cycles, plus people will get bored with the same level over and over. I recommend:

Map cycles at 35-50 frags (depending on the size of the max players).


Map cycles at 45-60 minutes. Keeps it fresh

4) Run Kicker Helper in the background. This program is okay to run, and should be run. It will prevent people from fading or deleting the host, plus then you can check on the game every so often and boot cheaters or clean up "hacks" that folks may have left in the game. KH also keeps an up to the minute "record" of names of players in the game (only when you alt+tab out of the game and check KH).

5) Check on the game at least once a day.. if possible. You may need to restart, or boot a cheater.

6) Make sure you have a good computer, connection. If you just have a modem, I wouldn't recommend hosting an (almost) dedicated server. Make sure you have plenty of system resources and Ram too, this helps keep the game up longer without having to restart.

(New)7)If possible use a server with a static IP, so that if you do need to restart, even a day later, folks can still join your IP and add it to their Qtracker lists.

With that in mind, what a great idea! Since real dedicated servers are not possible with JK/MOTS currently, this is about as close as one can get. Also, PUBLICIZE THAT IP! Make sure people know about the game.. (but be sure you aren't using an older version of Windows95 that can be nuked). ; P


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08-04-2000, 06:33 PM
I would just like to add, that if you plan on running a semi-dedicated server as Kurgan has described, it would be a good idea to use Kicker Helper AND Anti-Hack Patch 3.5(latest version). Contrary to popular belief, the NEW versions of Anti-Hack Patch DO NOT lag your games. The old versions DID. The new version can be used with 4 players easily with no extra lag. It uses Patch Commander, so it's just like running a patch. If you're interested in running Anti-Hack Patch, you must realize that it doesn't stop ALL hacks, but it does stop the majority. The problem is, everyone has to have it. If you're interested, below is a link to the patch. I lost the ETI Clans homepage, but I will get it asap, so you guys can read the FAQ, which newer players will find interesting:

Also, I just posted news about 2 new semi-dedicated servers on my clans forum. One is in the UK(uses cable) and the other is in Louisville Kentucky(DSL). They are semi-dedicated, which means that they're only dedicated at certain times of the day. How much lag you have can be caused by many things, one of which is how close to the server you are. I would recommend trying them both and seing which one suits your lag better. For more information on these servers, check out the following link that I posted on my clans forum:
http://pub12.ezboard.com/fdarkforumsthedarkforum.showMessage?topicID=320.to pic


MaRa "ReAcToR" JaDe


08-05-2000, 03:31 AM
Only thing about the anti-hack patches is it limits the number of people who can play. Not everyone who joins realizes where to get the patch and how to use it. Plus it rules out the option of using mods in your dedicated server.

I prefer Kicker Helper, because it effectively stops cheaters, but doesn't require any extra cogs to be running.

Still, whatever works for you...

Those servers should be posted on JediBoard, that would mean Qtracker would pick them up and more people could join. Just an idea.

Nowadays what I do is post my game in Gamespy arcade and on JediBoard, then I launch from the zone.. so I get maximum exposure... and since people know the IP from JediBoard, they can join anytime, people can join from Gamespy arcade, and I can fill up at the Zone. ; )


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08-17-2000, 10:50 PM
Well, I finally had to take my server(s) down, and probably won't have them back up for some time (ISP being what it is). Was fun though.

DKB was smart and implemented the changes I suggested, now the maps cycle based on time/score limit. Good idea!


10-14-2000, 08:00 AM
Just pushing this up to the top. ; )

Last I checked (a few days ago) they were stilling running their servers. Way to go guys! Do 'em a favor and join up and give 'em some action.


10-18-2000, 10:58 AM
Yes, the DKB server is always up 24/7, and will be for quite some time. I have stopped in a few times, but no one seems to want to play when I do. :(

If I stay in there for awhile, at least one person usually joins, at any odd hour.