View Full Version : multiplayer gameplay problems.

12-08-2000, 08:52 AM
Can anyone help me with this?? I'm a computer science major and most people in my dorm have more than enough experience w/ computers and we are all stumped.

I have a pentium III, 32mb GeForce2, 256mb ram, and a T1 connection to the net and for some reason multiplayer games are choppy. Single player games run fine, but no matter what game it is (not just JK), whenever I play a LAN game or net game, it gets choppy.

I've toggled with driver setting on both my network card and video card. When I do software rendering instead of OpenGL it helps a little, but games start out good for maybe 5 minutes and then chop up to the point where I am going in extreme slow motion and everyone else is at normal speed.

The other people in my dorm whose computers are not as good as mine don't have the problem. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong???