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05-30-2002, 06:58 PM
As you might have noticed, the mod list is considerably shorter than before, so I guess I should explain about that.

SpaceMonkey/Zaarin has left for year-long stay in Japan, so he's going to be without reliable internet access for a good while. Don't worry, he's not fired or anything (I wouldn't dare...), and he'll get his moderatorship back once he's back on his home turf.

I've been out of contact with Helios for quite awhile now, but I imagine he's busy with school stuff at the moment. Nevertheless, he hasn't been visiting the forums as much as he used to, so for now the position is open. I definitely intend to give him back his mod powers if he starts visiting again, since he was an administrator at both the EZboard and YaBB locations.

I've added a new member to the moderating team: Tall Guy. He's been with the community for a long time, and has been a model member as long as I've known 'im. He currently works for Grim Fandango Fusion, and will be taking over The Rusty Anchor within the next few days. Congrats, Tall Guy!

Update: In addition to this, GFN Staffer Schmatz will also be watching over these forums. He's not on the list because he's now a Super Moderator, and has mod powers everywhere.

06-02-2002, 12:11 AM

Zaarin sure goes on a lot of long trips :)