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Dark Begger
05-31-2002, 12:09 PM
ok..after a week of complaining and bitching (some of it being me), I find that this topic is so boring and dumb. Here's the lowdown.

In 1.02, I don't understand why people say heavy owned. Now I may be a walking contradiction, since I use heavy (and quite well...I was playing 2v2 duel for some tourny practice and I was 40-6), but medium is also very good...and not only in the case of medium vs medium. In nf duel servers, medium could/and should win out. On the clan SofD duel server, there was an equal split of medium users and heavy users (of the regulars that come in). And the top 5 players, 2 were heavy, the next 3 were medium users. So what does that tell you? the two are pretty much even. So please don't say heavy owned or was overpowered (sorry Aynlon).


1.03 did happen, for the rest of us that regret this happeneing, we cannot do much, and if you are a serious gamer (like we all say we are) we will adapt, and play the game, and find new ways to win *a la pull-backstab*. We have done our share of complaining here, hopefully Raven sees all of our complaints and takes them under consideration, just as they did for the 1.02 complainers. It is time now for us to go back and play the game, and not complain. The game is a little more unbalanced now, with a couple moves taking priority over others whilst in 1.02 there were more than just a couple (even normal swing was a godo choice..not no more..lol), so it will be easy to become good at this patch, yet, it will only take you so far. I think everyone (well unless there someone out to get me out there..) would agree that 1.03 has a smaller range for good players and bad players. In 1.02, there were good players (never lose, unless they **** up a move once or twice..damnit..) and then there were really bad players (light saber hack and slash style). And in between there was a wide margin for the not so good and the not so bad. But now in 1.03, the good players, although still may never lose, and the really bad players, who still never win...have been squished closer together like a ...sandwich. The not so good are now closer to the really good, and the really good must take more caution. And like it was mentioned before..the useless n00bs who run around flailing light sabers, have had a push up, so they are still at the bottom, but closer to the top. I hope I am making sense..it's early and I'm tired, but this all just came up to me.

Instead of argueing which is better, 1.02 or 1.03, we know we cannot satisfy eachother, so I think Raven should create a medium in which the players can both be 'fairly' happy

Increase saber damage? hell ya, more 1.02 like.

Blocking as it is now? hell ya, its not bad..only say its bad because when you DO break it you take off minimal damage.

backstab? Hey, there will always be an exploited move, and if not, a hack will be created. I'd rather have an exploited move. And also, if saber damage was increased, people would be more wary of using this move.

DFA? almost to the point of uselessness, I say unerf it, but fix the bug where it kills in the ground and all around you. That would be fine I think.

I know these are all saber moves (sorry gunners, I CTF, but haven't since 1.03...) because that is what I concentrate on. Anyways, I hope you guys take my view into consideration before flaming me. At this poitn in time, it seems that I am open to flame from both sides (1.02 lovers and 1.03 lovers) as I listed the pros and cons of both...oh well, I guess that's life.

05-31-2002, 12:31 PM
I haven't got much to say, except that i agree with you....

As i have stated before, I didn't play 1.02 that much, so i can't elaborate on this, but i agree with your thoughts on 1.03

I don't know what to do with DFA however, i mean, i really didn't like it 1.02, but in 1.03 it's just a bit too pathetic. You can't hit **** with it.

As for backstab, I would rather prefer that a frontal special or move be spammed than this "special"-move.

Mero Vilul
05-31-2002, 12:43 PM
I agree mostly.

DFA - It's still good, but it should be a always hitter. I've done it many times where I hit someone straight on but they parried it. (Sabres clashing and sparkling). It should not be blockable at all, never.

Saber damage need to be upped, like 40 for a blue hit. At the very end and very very start it should not give full damage though, but still more than today.

Blocking should be the same, except it should be 50% chance to parry on your sides (90 degrees) and 0% chance of blocking from behind (180degress)... That would make those "Look, I'm running backwards swinging my saber"-ppl loose pretty hard, As they no longer can count on blocking things with their backs turned against you.

No turning while backswinging. Like the DFA and the blue croucher. Perhaps a small small small small small (really small) speed decrease on the backswing, but I don't think so... but maybe... I think the removal of blocking from behind should fix backrunners. It should never be a one hit kill with 100/25, but like 100 damage would be ok. (then no shields = death)

If that would be fix, backswings would still be strong, although dangerous to use against good opponent who knows they can counter it easily.

Altough, as a sidenote I can mention that the best block system would be (imo), the more you got the crosshair on your opponent, the more you block. The crosshair turns red when it's over your opponent, with the saber it would also mean you will always block hes swing (if not performing a action, that is).
The further away from your crosshair he is, the less chance that you will block. at 90 degress the chance will be 50% of blocking, and at like 120degrees, it will be 0%. That leaves 120 degress of your behind open, an area in which you will never block.

Take care.

Dark Begger
05-31-2002, 01:16 PM
True...the thing about the blocking would be good..But the only reason there are problems with 1.03 blocking is that people find it difficult to break through. And then they do ONCE, and it takes off maybe 30-40 hp or less. Imagine if the damage was like 1.02, 65 hp taken from 1 hit. So they could block all they want, but if one penetrates, BAM he's at a disadvantage. I think this combination would be good.