View Full Version : Can anyone please help with audio mod?

06-01-2002, 08:30 PM
Overview: I currently play for a clan called GF (God's Forsaken), and we are trying to get into the ctf ladders, yet find it difficult to communicate via txt binds, and head nodding. The leader and I are attempting to either script, mod or compile something to allow for inner squad taunt binds chosen by us. And be able to play in a pure server.

I know there are some Code Heads out there that could more then likley accomplish this task, so I present the challange. If you have any Ideas, cvars, suggestions please feel free to add to this thread.
But do not post some bull honkey like "Its not possible man, cant be done." cuz if you do; "there all gonna laugh at you."

Any help is much ablidged, and my the force be with you.