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06-01-2002, 10:30 PM
hello...im new to this forum and im sorry if this has been posted lots.

Ive been fooling around with the Mandalorian skin pack and have edited Dun Setta to make him look really cool..... the problem is the only way for me to use him is to have the whole Mandalorian.pk3 file ...while this isnt so bad for me, it would be bad when i submit this skin cause these un knowing people will have to get all the bounty hunters.

now i was wounder how you make its own seperate pk3 file so it will work by its self.... i think i need t make a model.glm but i dont know how, so if someone can please share there skinning knoledge with me that would be great.

...i was told i just need to delete the other characters in the Mandalorian.pk3 file...but it didnt work , my guy just ends up being invisible :(

here are the pics of my guy.......see if you think hes even worth me getting to work for everyone



ya might have to copy and paste it to work

please help me

Thank you