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06-02-2002, 12:53 PM
Hi people, I have some ideas for a future patch or mod. I'm sorry for my english and for lenght. :-)


Force Power

Push and Pull works better if opponent is moving in the same direction of relative Force Power.
For example, if the target have a second level Push, is on the middle distance from player and running toward him, if take a Push, come back 2-3 steps while, if take a Pull fly over the player for several metres.

If enemy is trowed in air and has a good Jump skill, hitting Backward + Jump, perform a backflip and land on his legs. This thing allows the opponent to bounce against a wall to avoid to fall in a pit, for example.

Like in Tekken, good player can performe a Quick Recovery. Who take a Push, if has good reflexes, can hit Crouch key just when landing so roll back without to rest stunned on the ground.

Again like in Tekken (4), the Force Push can be used for smash opponent against a wall. Enemy take a damage and rest stunned for a little so the player can rush and hit him, but any attack (with light saber) is guaranteed. Same thing is valid for Pull.

To avoid the cheapest trick of Pull + Backstab, Force Pull now doesn't knock down the enemy, but catch the weapon from his hands. This could be dangerous because if jedi pull while the opponent shot a rocket or granade, for example, jedi eat the bolt and taking much damage.
Force Pull can take weapons or items from distance, like in the MP of first Jedi Knight, but can't take special items.

Jedi with high level in Absorb, can protect own team memebers from Force Powers if stand near them, but this one can't gain Force Points like his protector.
Friend potrected become blue glowing. More the protector is near, more protection is good, more the blue glow is intense.
Absorb support is effective until five metres, but the friend supported gain same protection of the jedi with Absorb activated only if touch him. This thing expose them to the splash damage weapon, like Rockets and Grenades.

Since when Force Absorbe is activated, a glow blue aura is on the jedi, and no one want waste Force Points attacking them with Force Power, maybe, the glow aura should be intermittent.
In the 1 lev. blue glow appear every 5 seconds. In the 2 lev. appear every 10 seconds and, in the 3 level every 15 second.

If an enemy jedi active Force Seeing, the glow aura is always visible.

Grip (Single Player)
When the player grip an enemy, appear a bar that show intensity of grip. Intensity can be increased or decreased by the mouse wheel while Force Grip key is holded. Mor the bar is long, more Force is depleted, more fast victim can be moved around, more damage jedi will deal.

In the meanwhile, jedi can interrogate victim hitting USE key or another key for talking. As the victims reply, player must decide if torture him more or less for take information (codes, level info, etc.) paing attention to don't kill him.

Oh, I have a couple of ideas about single player, but for now I will write only about multiplayer, othewise should be too long. :-(

Lightning can be linked on another dark jedy of own team. From the two jedi, an elecric chain will make that it can extended until 15 metres. If some enemy will touch the chain, take huge damage.

With a double tap on the Lightning key and aiming a specific target, from every distance the jedi can summon a lightning from the sky against the target if it isn't indoor. Damage is proportional to Force Points of Force Pool that become empty.
Near players at lightning take a little splash damage and rest flashed.

Force Ligtning damage the jedi if he stay in the water.

If jedi touch his victim while draining, steal also opponent health.

Doesn't work if drainer health is full and stop to work when health reach 100.

Jedi with high level in Drain are better protected from enemy Drain.

When actived, jedi can run over liquid surfaces without fall down. The water walk lenght is relatives to Speed level of jedi.
Also the lenght of wall walk is improved.

When Rage is activated, jedi become invulnerable from physical damage, excepet downfall, and from all Force Power for, approximately, one second, so the player can avoids every incoming threat using a kind of "super parry" if have good reflexes.

Rage can self-activate when jedi take a mortal damage.
- 1 level: 10% of probability.
- 2 level: 20% of probability.
- 3 level: 30% of probability.

- Enemy Info
----- At the first level, appears to the right side of target, a vertical yellow bar that shows the quantity of ammo for his current weapon. If target use the light saber, color of light is blue, yellow or red relatively to player stance.
----- At the second level, appears under the target's feets, an horizontal blue bar that shows the quantity of his force.
----- At the third level, appears over the target's head, another horizontal bar thath shows his healt.
Moreover to the left side of target, appears a vertical green bar that shows the shield charge.

- Track Path
If jedi rest still for a little, a tracking line appear and describe, for example, the path that a grenade do bouncing against a wall. This skill works with grenades, bowcaster (1 and 2 fire), repeater (2 fire) and flechette (2 fire).
----- 1 level: line is five metres long and appears after the jedi rest still for one second. He can turn point of view, but can't move without erase the track.
----- 2 level: line is 15 metres and appears once the jedi doesn't move.
----- 3 level: line is 45 metres and rest drawed on the screen also when jedi moving.

- Skill that works without Force Seeing activated:
When enemy player aiming us, we can read a warning text message notifing that.
For example the message should be:
----- 1 level: SOMEONE is aiming you with a GRENADE.
----- 2 level: GALAK is aiming you from BEHIND with a ROCKET LAUNCHER.
----- 3 level: JOHN SMITH is aiming you from BEHIND and from FAR DISTANCE, with a SNIPER RIFLE.

Resting Force Points
Could increase the max health or the Force Pool a little.


Senty Gun
After installing the Sentry Gun, hitting again the same key, from every distance, player take the control of Sentry Gun and can shot from its visual. If press alternate fire, Sentry Gun blow up damaging nearest player. If press JUMP key, leave the remote control of Sentry Gun.

Stationary Shield
When player drop the Stationary Field, this one appears and also appears an icon on the player's hud. This icon show the energy of Shield. Hitting again the key for to drop Stationary Shield, player can turn it off/on how he want, so can entraps other player from distance or better protect him self.


Light Saber

Red Stance
Against Yellow Stance
- When our attack is parried, opponent stun for a little.
----- Descending Attack: push enemy on knee and backward. We have a good advantage for next attack, but any attack is guaranteed.
----- Ascending Attack: lift up/away the opponent for half metre so we can fall down him from very low walls.
----- Slash to right/left: pull away the opponent to right/left. Usefull for fall down him from a bridge.

- When hit enemy's saber but not the enemy
----- From right to left: we open opponent defense pull away his right arm. That give us a guaranteed fast attack, but the enemy, if has good reflexes, can hit B/R + ATTACK and spin his pulled saber in a 360 attack.
----- From left to right: we close his right arm on the opponent body and we turn him to the side for 90 degree.
----- From up to down: Put down saber.
----- From down to up: Lift up and backward the saber so enemy is unbalanced and stunned to back.

- When two saber thrust from opposite direction while attacking
----- From right to left: Disarm the opponent trowing his saber to left (this can also hit some one...).
----- From left to right: Same thing but trow the saber from right.
----- From up to down: Same thing but saber fall down.
----- From down to up: Saber is throwed to up and enemy is unbalanced and stunned to back.

When a Red Stance Attack hit an enemy, deal a lot of damege and stop every his animation.

Against Blue Stance
- When attack is parried
----- Descending Attack: Smash the opponent back on the ground and he take 50% of damage.
----- Ascending Attack: lift up/away the opponent for 1,5 metres so we can fall him down beyond some walls. Opponent take 50% of damage.
----- Slash to right/left: Opponent fall to right/left 3 metres away and take 50% of damage.

- When hit enemy's saber but not the enemy
----- From right to left: Disarm the opponent trowing his saber to left (this can also hit some one...).
----- From left to right: Same thing but trow the saber from right.
----- From up to down: Same thing but saber fall sown..
----- From down to up: Saber is throwed to up and enemy is unbalanced and stunned to back.

- When two saber thrust from opposite direction while attacking
----- From right to left: Disarm the opponent trowing his saber to left (this can also hit some one...). Opponent fall to left.
----- From left to right: Same thing but trow the saber from right. Opponent fall to right.
----- From up to down: Same thing but saber and opponent fall down.
----- From down to up: Saber is throwed up and enemy is throwed falling on his back.

...etc., etc., etc...


While Running + Attach, (end animation) + Forward-Forward + Attack
Discending attack while running, then jedi speed up for 5-6 steps and swing the saber from down to up.
This last tracks bad (player can't turn jedy rapidly) and recovery is huge, but is usefull for reach and surprise escaping enemy.

While running + Attack, (end animation) + Crouch, switch to Blue Stance, while standing + Jump + Attack
Start with same discending running attack, then roll forward and chains in a fast hopping rising attack. Ends in Blue Stance.

Right + Attack, (end animation) + Crouch + Attack
First Attack is standard Right + Attack (can dodged). Second Attack is a slow and large sweep that knock down opponent.

Right + Attack, (immediately) Crouch
Similar to previus command, this one is a single attack that feint an high hit but end in a low sweep.

Left + Attack, Trow Saber
This combo serve for to make a difference from left to right swing. In every moment, if the player see that opponent is out of range, can trow the saber while Left + Attacking.

... etc., etc., etc.. I could do a couple of combo examples, especially if the saber attacks could be chained with Force Powers or weapon, but I want only give some general input. I should write also about yellow and blue stances, but I will be too long...

How to involve player to engage often saber challenge?

- Longest Combo
----- Player will wish do much complex combo since these give a Force bonus if completed correctly.
Moreover, to do always the "best" combo, give to player, gradually, less Force points. A "variety system" recompenses player who performs new combos without repeat always the same.

- Slowest retreat
----- If jedi run backward, move a little much slowly. So attaccker can reach him easily, without follow him for the whole map.

...etc., etc., etc...


Other ideas about light saber combat

Saber Defense
When parry laser shot, jedi can deflect those to who shoting with higher probability if aim he with crossair.

Saber Trow
If player hit the primary fire while saber flying, this one rest stationary (like in single player) and can hit same target relatively to Saber Trow level. For exemple hit tree time per level before return to jedi.
Moreover, if primary fire is holded with secondary fire, the player can drive the saber left/right and away/toward instead of up/down, so flying saber can hit several target on the same plane.

Saber Attack
Light saber can hit trough thin surfaces. It's usefull when the jedi, with Force Seeing activated, can surpise and attack enemy behind a wall or a door.

Ok, I'm a fanatic of beat'em up like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, but maybe you dislike that. Reversal is a counter attack that deals damage against enemy who attack with, generally, judo/ju jitsu techniques.
Reversal isn't simple to do, require good reflexes and perfect timing.
For example, all saber attacks are up to down, down to up, left to right, right to left. Now, every of this type can be countered in a different way.
A swing from right to left can be reversed with USE KEY (hold) + F, F/L, L, B/L, B, B/R. Last input, Backward/Right must be perfectly timed when the swing touch our jedi. If reversal works, jedy perform an over shoulder trow and knockdown opponent. Isn't easy, but is much possible against Red (slow) Stance that (can't be parried).

If you want, reversal can be also reversed, but is again much difficult...


Weapons Chapter

Explosive Engine
Maybe Detpack and Trip Mine are useless since enemy often see and shot them.
Then the player could combine Detpack with Trip Mine, throwing them in specific order on same place, for make a more powerfull weapon:

Detpack + Trip Mine (with primary fire): Detpack blow up when the beam is touched. Damage is also increased. Detpack can also be activated from distance.

Detpack + Trip Mine (with secondary fire): Detpack blow up like a proximity mine or when activated from distance. Damage is higher than a single Detpack.

Trip Mine + Trip Mine (with primary fire): Trip Mine radiate four beem. First is central and the other tree on the side like this... "\|/". Damage is also overpowered.

...etc., etc., etc...

Single Detpack can be detonated if player look it (aiming with crosshair) and hitting the USE key. This thing allow the player to set a trap and maintaining another weapon like a Blaster Rifle, for example. Moreover, if two or more Detpack was be dropped, the player can decide what detonate without blow up in vain the other Detpack.

Sniper Rifle
Should zoom in/out with the mouse wheel.

Rocket Launcher
IMHO secondary fire is useless since good player always see incoming slow rocket and push it back. Then the ammo cost could be reduced to one instead of two.

Secondary fire, when target isn't acquired, launch a slow rocket that follow where the player aiming (drived with the mouse) like rocket launcher in Half-Life.

Weapon 7 (ok, I don't remember how it's named, "7" is its default key)
This weapon, fire EMP bolt, if I understand. By the way, I haven't found it in the single player game... but I suppose that weapon 7 was usefull against drones.
If that is true, weapon 7 seems useless against enemy in multiplayer. So I tinking:
- Primary fire: throw an electric globe that white flash and blind opponent's screen.
- Secondary fire: very quick electric bolt that damage a little after hit the enemy.
- With Force Lightning: emit an electric beam that reach enemy from long distance, bind with him and follow him if moving. Morever, if another enemy is near, electric beam will link with this one damaging him to.

If we want a much fun gameplay, Weapon 7 can overheat when used. A special bar appears when using Weapon 7, if this one will be overheated while shoting, blow up in jedi's face, and all ammo will lost.

Weapon 7 can intercept all electrics attacks, like Force Lihtning or other Weapon 7 bolt, rechearging its ammo, but also in this way, overheat bar is increased with the risk that the weapon explode.


06-02-2002, 01:20 PM
Really good, but how can you do that counter move with your lightsaber?A swing takes 2 seconds to do and those command must take 5 for regular typers.
Rage is better, except make it that each times it is used have 1 force point deducted.The sniper rifle shouldnt be able to zoom in because it makes it harder when you have to stay where your screen is.

06-02-2002, 06:02 PM
Five seconds to do USE+F, F/L, L, B/L, B, B/R?
Maybe you want mean 0,5 seconds... The whole command is like a semicircular movement that start from Forward and finish to Backward/Right, only jedy rest "nailed" because we hold the USE key when input the sequence.

I prefer a complex command since I'm a good Tekken/Virtua Fighter player and I have seen that in most cases, reversal is abused.
In general, I'm for complex commands for the combos too, because this make the difference between "master" and "masher".

I don't understand about Sniper Rifle, but in Return to Wolfenstein, the mouse wheel cycles the weapons and also zoom in/out with the sniper rifle.