View Full Version : Modelling Programs

06-02-2002, 04:44 PM
I'm plnning on modelling saber hilts and characters, and I wanted to know what the best programs to use are. Any suggestions?

Anavel Gato
06-02-2002, 05:10 PM
Well, that depends...

- If you want free & legal than GMax is the program of choice I suppose. You can d/l it from www.discreet.com
- If you want legal & cheap than you can get yourself a trail version of Milkshape and a reg code for $25
- If you want free & illegal than you can pretty much use anything you can get your hands on. I think that the most used 3d package is 3d studio max r4. For that 1 there are the JK2 development tools that allow you to import the root.xsi file you need for player modelling because it contains the bones structure. I dunno if you can import this bone structure in GMax or Milk though.