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06-02-2002, 10:36 PM
Hi all,

I know a lot of ideas are being thrown around about mods, and a lot are good concepts. Well I would like to throw in one more, one of my own ideas. Itís more of a sequelish to JKII, but It kind of ties in with some elements of the prequels, original trilogy and some EU. I myself am have never mapped/skin or even know much about modding itself. Well here are some of my ideas:

The Mod/Sequel will probably have three main (hopefully playable) characters (Luke, Han, and Kyle). It will take place a few years after the events of JKII. The reemergence of the Trade federation is now controlled by an offspring/relative of Nute Gunray. Seeking vengeance on Amidalaís children and the empire (due to be used in the prequels by Palpatine). There will also be some sort of unknown/recently council made up of 2 siths at the head and dark jedis as the rest. And of course you can expect to encounter the remnant/empire forces. The storyline will follow the main 3 characters and have a few twist and turns as well as some surprises.

I donít feel like wasting your time so I kept it short. If there is some support of this I give more info I have about it. Reply if you want. Comments?

06-02-2002, 11:19 PM
It's interesting but something about it strikes me as odd and unfitting. Needs some work.

06-02-2002, 11:41 PM
I know it needs a bit of rework and I guess it is unfitting and odd continually wise, but most mods Iíve played for JK werenít. So does it matter if it fits in continually? Anyways thanks for the comments. I should put some more detail of what I have planned, but I guess I didnít cause in a way I felt it would give away to much of the storyline, but maybe I will give more detail

06-03-2002, 02:28 AM
Well here is a bit more info:

The new Trade Federation (i'm not sure what they are called yet so i'll stick with "the new TF") somehow captures Han & Leia. Probably assisted by the new Dark Jedi Council.

The new TF are in a war the New Republic and the Remnant of the Empire (itís pretty much a 3 way war) *Well actually The TF are fighting a certain Moff so that another Moff can gain more control but thatís a bit in the story

Iím not quite sure on who is leading the Dark Jedi Council (what I mean is that I have ideaís about who is the main leader but not sure it fits) but It does consist of left over reborn from JKII but they will be a bit more powerfull and there looks will be different. Others will be new dark Jedi characters and I was thinking of maybe including Nightsisters witches clan from Dathomir if they still exist in this time period, I will checkup on that. I do have a 2nd in command for the DJC he will be a Devaronian.
(I decided that there is to be a Dark Jedi Council because we all now that there can be only 2 siths at a time so I figured this would be better)

Part of the story line does include Boba Fett. :fett:

I havenít come up with names for some of the new characters and I apologize for using terms like ďA Certain MoffĒ. I know this is unfitting continually wise but do they have to be? I think itís a good story and of course it does need more work and would like to have a mod made of this.

I did say that 3 playable chars in the first post, but realizing it maybe impossible or a pain to do I think itíll be easier to use one char (maybe Kyle) and have him fight with the others in certain missions.