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Psionic Jedi
06-03-2002, 02:27 AM
I haven't played 1.02, but I have read and re-read artifex's ASC Saber Combat guide so I'm pretty familiar with it's changes to duels and kicks.

My Opinion on Kicks:
In 1.02, it was a single tap of jump to wall flip and front-kick. Now, it's double tap for front kick and wall flip. Not only is it immesnely harder for laggers to front kick, but it's frustrating to fly over your opponent when you were supposed to own him with a stylish kick.

Also, the damage has been reduced 2 points, and side kicks are now stronger than it's frontal cousin. Why is a more difficult move nerfed for it's damage, when side kicks are left untouched?

My Opinion on Duels:
In duels, you enter with how much health you had before you challenged someone. You exit with 100hp... I seriously think this should be reversed. A duel should top you and your opponent with 100 hp, and some amount of shielding, and when you win you should leave with either 100hp or whatever you were left at. Also, bacta canisters should be stripped from your inventory before the duel.

Saber throws are allowed in duels, yet kicks do no damage... Why? Something as basic as a kick is not allowed, while a saber throw which might even draw out/prolong the match is. Kicks are pretty good for their pushing feature, but they should also do damage since the 1.03 patch made it even harder to accomplish. They also encourage up-close combat, since that's what a duel really is for, right?

Let alone the possibility that one of the duelists do not have any pts. assigned to saber throw...
Just another 2 cents from your friendly forum bantha poodu.

Master Rooster
06-03-2002, 10:09 AM
Not all true there...

Kicks are now a bit random: they sometimes knock down, they sometimes do damage. Neither is guaranteed. I don't know if this is actually random or depends on how you are standing or something.

I personally find forward kicks easier to do now, because you don't have to get as close to the target. Side kicks are harder because you have to point sideways and get really close before you hit jump.

I like the stuff about no bacta in duels and getting full health before. This could much up ffa games though, since good people could challenge rubish people to get more health. Getting your health back afterwards is good at the moment because you often get challenged by the next person when you win and so on until you get killed, like duel but with others fighting elsehwre at the same time.

Sabre throws are not allowed in all duels, it depends on server settings. Kicks do do damage.

Whats a bantha ppodu, or do I not want to know?

Psionic Jedi
06-04-2002, 03:22 AM
By "Duels" I meant saber challenges in FFA; I've been kicked multiple times in duel ffas and they have not done any damage, though I was thrown down alot also.

Maybe I shouldn't go point blank when I want to forward kick... when I close to point blank and double tap jump I go over their head/they slice my groin. :(

06-04-2002, 01:31 PM
I know what you mean PJ.. sometimes I am able to kick an opponent very easily and if I want, to keep coming and kicking over and over.. naturally I'd prefer to use kick as a tactic and in a combo like kick + med special-or-sweep/light back stab/DFA.. sometimes however I just can't get a kick on an opponent.. every time I get close and double jump I end up going over them and it gets frustrating.. I am wondering if the ping difference between players makes this happen (assuming it does).. on a particular duel server I get a great ping avg 30 or less.. I'll have to watch the pings of the players I can't kick.. I think it's the players with a ping over 150 that I can't kick, but I'll experiment with this..

btw Bantha Poodu means Bantha terds/crap/poop/....