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06-03-2002, 12:16 PM
Let me explain the nature of the bind I am trying to create and then explain the problem I am having with setting up the bind.

Specifically what I want to bind is as follows:

bind +MOUSE4 "weapon 0; wait; +altattack"
bind -MOUSE4 "-altattack; wait; weapprev; wait"
I am trying to bind to MOUSE4, but any key in general will do.

In HL (I may be wrong) if I want to bind an action to button press, and a seperate (often opposite) action to button release I would do as follows:

bind +KEY "+attack"
bind -KEY "-attack"
I am trying to bind to MOUSE4, but any key in general will do.

Basically I want it to change to the throwable weapons, and use the alternate attack then when I release the button it would switch back to the previous weapon.

The above script comes back with a syntax error saying that it doesn't know what +MOUSE4 or -MOUSE4.

I am probably doing something fundamentally wrong, I have never used the Quake 3 engine prior to this, only the HL engine.

Also when I type cmdlist, most of the list scrolls off of the screen, is there another way to see the entire list without it scrolling off of the screen?

Thanx for your consideration.


06-03-2002, 02:35 PM
For the cmdlist try your pageup button.

As for the +/- binds......

I was very talented with HL scripting. And the +/- scripts was the most powerful tool I used. The above mentioned script is a great idea, but I'm afraid the Q3 engine is very different in the way that scripts are designed to be used.

In hl you had an "alias" in this engine we have a "vstr". The vstr was specifically designed to "nerf" our ability to make really powerful scripts. I actually read that somewhere.

It took me awhile to get used to the vstr and I had to realize that I could no longer script whatever I wanted. I would love to see the +/- feature but you are going to have to use a cycler script intead. Something like this....

Bind mouse4 "throwattack"

set vstr throwattack "throwattack_01"

vstr throwattack_01 "weapon0; wait3; +altattack; set vstr throwattack_02"
vstr throwattack_02 "-altattack; weapprev; set vstr throwattack_01"

You are going to have to use a toggle or cycle script, meaning you must press the button more than once. Pay attention to the "set" command in the script, without it you have a loop that will crash the game. You also might want to look at the cmdlist again and look for the weaprev command, I don't think thats right. I made a copy of the games stock config file (dont edit this file ever, the game rewrites it) In my copy of the config file I split up the unix format you see and made it look like a hl config so I could read all the binded commands, try this its a great resource.

If I am wrong in anyway about the +/- thing please someone tell me! I have asked before (on more than one q3 game script forum) and have scanned script after script to try to find this holy grail of a scripting method. I have always been told the same thing, nope can't do it"

Now you could do it with one button press but the wait commands could be deadly with to much waits. After some experimenting you could probably do it with waits, but it would differ on high ping servers. You should try the waits before the cycler. Hope this helps, Gadget.

06-03-2002, 03:00 PM
Thats a bit of a dissappointment, I will try the cylcer script as you have pointed it out.

I appreciate your time.