View Full Version : better gameplay

06-04-2002, 04:10 AM
Heres what i think would make the game fun again

sabers - 1.02 style idle dmg does 5-10 dmg more block against hardsaber style, jump slash keep movement limited 45 degrees left to right or so, same with fast saber style up slash. Keep medium saberstyle 1.02, i thought it was fun with spins and backslash sweep was fine in 1.02.... not fun 1.03


force absorb 1.03
force heal- 1.02
force mind trick- 1.02


grip- 1.03 with walk... running in place looks stupid
force drain - takes force away just as fast as u use it.. less life drain

jump kick - 1.03 double click jump

everything else keep the same