View Full Version : MissileMod 1.3 Released

06-04-2002, 04:46 AM
Old features:

- Rockets bounce around, after 5 bounces they explode.

- Rockets deflectable with saber, although this has only about 25% chance

- Rocket gets slower and does more damage with each bounce

- Rocket splash damage also increases, albeit much slower

- By a popular request, THEDESTROYER is now can be used anytime, the health of the user
will be reduced in half and its speed will be 1.5 of its current speed.

- Force Jump is now 2 times as powerful.

- Disruptor Alt-Fire now shoots trough walls. Note: no see through walls by default,
if you have seeing, it will work regardless...so it won't be a cheat.

New features

- A new feature to rockets: on bounce they have 75% to home on one of the near enemies (or friends , does not include you).
Of course if it bounces once again it will consider homing on one of the near opponents instead of the current one.

Link to download (till it appears on major sites)

Sorry if this caused you problems, in the file there was my config included in accident...just redownload the mod and it will be gone